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It is day 20 of the AMA with Ke'Xu. Today i will summarize few days from the AMA since there were not really many questions asked and i was also a bit more busy. Hope you enjoy this one, its full with interesting and helpful questions and answers!

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1.Can we see who dislike a post and takes it away on its?

崔佳宁@ONO: For now, we can only see the list of likes and comments.We're designing this function, you can see this next vision maybe.

2.All the bugs that have been reported so far will be fixed on the next release of the dAapp in mid-August, right?

崔佳宁@ONO: Yes, almost all bug will be solved at the fastest speed. Some bugs may involve complex system design. We will discuss the plan as soon as possible and solve it. We'll optimize some known problems in the next release, such as about friends, about notifications, and all the text errors we've found.

3.If I coin the ICO and get 600.000 ONOTS, get I more rewards for my post, if some one like them?

崔佳宁@ONO: The award for ONOT is simple, as long as someone likes your PO content. This means that your content is valuable, and ONO rewards for valuable content.

4.The only thing I’m wondering is why peg the ICO price floor to ETH if you are going to raise for 100 days straight (from the perspective of volatility)? Also, is ONO going to be live on its own mainnet at the conclusion of the 100 days or will you have to switch the tokens to mainnet tokens at some point during that time?

Jem: For the ICO, the ONOT are erc20 contracts on the Ethereum network. Just before the ONO Mainet launch, the erc20 contracts will be frozen, and a snapshot made. That snapshot is used to create the accounts and ONOT holding on the new ONO Mainnet. At that point, ONOT is the native token of the ONO Mainnet, and the old erc20 contracts are frozen forever.

5.What bug do you think has proven to be the most difficult to fix so far?

崔佳宁@ONO: The relative difficult to solve is how to provide the corresponding language version for different regions and different languages. We are focusing on all regional restrictions and increasing the content translation function in order to make the world smaller.

6.ONOT power will increase rewards when you like someone, as part of the formula right? This is what he was trying to clarify

崔佳宁@ONO:Yes, that's true, when you lock in more ONOT power, your praise will provide more rewards.

7.How to get ONO airdrop? When is the Airdrop?

julia: The airdrop hasn't happened, we don't have a firm date yet, you won't have to do anything though

8.When is the ONO international invitation program suppose to end? How long will my code work?

Chang@ONO: We plan to optimize it recently. The invitation award will continue until 300000th friends join ONO.

9.Is there a way of knowing the exact number of users outside of china right now?

zhihao@ONO: Yes, currently our overseas users use a separate server, we can count the specific number of overseas users. The specific data needs chang to answer: Now, more than three million of friends are sharing their lives in ONO, and overseas users are still growing rapidly. The latest news, we have more than six hundred and thirty thousand of overseas friends in ONO.

10.How fair is the distribution of rewards where chinese users can register from international accounts and earn 500 ONOT per invite? Are there any ways to stop it?

zhihao@ONO: This problem does exist at present, but we will use real-name authentication technology to avoid Chinese users participating in the invitation and reward of international users.

11.How will ONO allow for anonymous investors?

Chang@ONO: KYC is inevitable.

12.Why ONO was launched with a lot of bugs instead of testing it in a closed group before?

zhihao@ONO: Yes, there are still a lot of bugs in ONO, and our testing department is trying to test it. The current version is still a test version. The international version will cause many problems because of network and data problems. We will completely repair these problems in the next version. ONO is like a new baby. I hope you can give him more time to grow. You know, Ono was born in China, but he is an international product. In China, we have many restrictions to simulate the global network environment. But in order to let international users experience Ono earlier, we launched an on-line version, which has nothing to do with China or the United States.

13.Why the main website will launch so late? I heard next year... (referring to desktop version of ONO)

zhihao@ONO:We're going to do browser based ONO first.The desktop version is also in the plan. Now we can publish articles in the website version. We need to constantly improve other functions. Maybe late this year or early next year, we will do our best. Our team attaches great importance to and cherishes every opportunity to communicate with international users. We also hope that more valuable comments can be made. ONO isn't perfect, but everyone on our team wants to work with you to improve every function and make this new baby grow up healthily. Thank you so much! We will continue to stay sleepless.

14.Why the main website will launch so late? I heard next year... (referring to desktop version of ONO)

zhihao@ONO:Currently ono has 630,000 international users and is growing, according to the database. As for how many people use the invitation code of Chinese users, we have not made statistics on relevant data. I will discuss with relevant engineers tomorrow and figure out the number.
Chang@ONO: Good evening,everyone.This is Chang from ONO.First of all, I would like to respond to an answer I promised last Saturday.At present, overseas registered users have exceeded three hundred thousand, which makes everyone extremely excited.But we are still continuing to double the registration bonus for overseas users. Our overseas supervisor will explain this point.Please keep your attention.

15.Is the invitation program still running?

Chang@ONO: Yes

16.Why Xe Ku was so pissed of with B1?

Chang@ONO: Because we only respect the facts. In fact, her Twitter has been very detailed.
zhihao@ONO: Because B1 didn't tell the truth. From xuke's circle of friends:
I think some facts should be exposed.
We have long defended the EOS in the Chinese community and the reputation of its founders. But because founders keep lying, for example 1. Remove the name of angel investors from the official website, and deny the involvement of some early investors for the sake of public relations image. My early conversations with bb went into the community and he thought I shouldn't have done that. First of all, I didn't mean to let it in. 2. Why cover up the facts when the founders of eos openly call "transparency" their value?
So I made it clear:

  1. I don't have anyone who hollows out eos. People from the eos community join us just because of the common values of ono.
    Ono USES EOS open source software to launch the main network. Why are EOS people worried that this is a bad thing for EOS, or are we short EOS? This totally disrespects my early traffic construction and support for eos.
    So I decided:
    I will continue to support the eos ecosystem, but not the eos founders.
    Just because "for the benefit of betrayal comrades in arms" this point, I can not accept, this completely violates my bottom line of life.
    If necessary, overseas cui yongyuan, I can also do. Cannon xu this gun is always aimed at the fakers.

17.If John admits that he was never part of the founding team of EOS, it means ONO’s press release was false. Why is there still no correction from ONO?

Chang@ONO: ONO, of course, will respect the facts. I think ONO will give the best answer . I think this answer is clear. ONO always respects facts.And we will always face the truth.ONO will give an answer that satisfies every partner. We will verify the truth and announce it to you.
Jem: I said that I was never affiliated with block one. I was indeed connected with the launch of the EOS Mainnet. This may have been a point of confusion, as people can sometimes not understand the distinction between the EOSIO software, EOS tokens, EOS Mainnet, block one the company, etc. This differentiation becomes even more difficult across language boundaries. Selective and slanted translation can be used to skew the meaning.

18.I overheard that you get paid 10% of the articles your referrals make, any details on that?

Chang@ONO: Currently, ONO rewards people who contribute to the ecology, and you get 10% of the reward for inviting friends to share their articles, plus, of course, additional rewards.

19.When will be launched the referendum feature?

zhihao@ONO: Expected by the end of the year.

20.If ONO testnet won't be on the EOS blockchain - as Ke said today - is ONO going to stay on centralized servers till the launch of the ONO mainnet?

Jem: There will be a testnet prior to the Mainnet launch. But, much care will be taken before migration of real user accounts and user data. Indeed, the biggest issue in the Mainnet launch will be to ensure accurate migration of the ONOT tokens from the Ethereum ERC20 contracts to native tokens on the ONO Mainnet. This will require a freeze of the contracts, followed by a snapshot of all the contract holding, then creation of accounts with correct token holding on the Mainnet. Tricky, but we have done it before.

21.Some groups are forking EOS to launch their own networks. Have ONO considered to join one of those networks instead of launching his own?

Jem: As ONO expects to create millions of user accounts, and has some specific requirements, it seems to make sense to tune the chain precisely, and maximize scalability and flexibility by creating a new core blockchain, leveraging the excellent EOSIO software and experience from the EOS Mainnet.
zhihao@ONO: We will continue to communicate with all of our EOS eco-partners, but at the moment we're still focused on releasing our own home network without excluding the possibility of multi-faceted collaboration.
Because ONO as a large Dapp, the most scarce is the cost of Ram, and the cost of developing the main network should be the most cost-effective.

22. For how long do you get rewarded 10% of the contributions of your referrals?

zhihao@ONO: It will last for three months

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