Bit-Z exchange list ONOT today opening ONOT/ETH trading.

2년 전


Recently, ONO founding team reached a friendly and in-depth cooperation with Bit-Z exchange which ranks 5th in consistent 24h trading volume globally.Both sides unanimously decided to officially list ONOT on Bit-Z exchange today.Currently there opens ONOT/ETH trading.

According to public information, up to now, Bit-Z has accumulated 1.356 million registered users worldwide,and the number of daily active users has reached 217,000.For registered users,more than 70% of them are located overseas,mainly in South Korea,Japan,Vietnam,Malaysia,Philippines, United States and other countries and regions.In terms of trading behavior, Bit-Z per capita using time is 540.17H in general,and the per capita transaction volume is 24.1BTC,which is higher than the industry average level. 

Nome Group

5th Feb 2019

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