Version update notification ONO dApp 2.5.0 is online!

2년 전

ONO dApp 2.5.0 is online!

We are happy to announce that the ONO dApp 2.5.0 Warrior Edition version is live now, another milestone feature version. From the early 1.0 Adventurer version, the 2.0 Attacker version, to the 2.5.0 Warrior version, ONO has always been on the move, not changing its mind.

The main iteration of this ONO dApp 2.5.0 version is the development of ONO dApp embedded wallet application, that includes ONOT recharge and withdrawal functions, and user asset security payment password verification.

【ONO dApp inline wallet】
ONO dApp embedded wallet is committed to protecting user assets security and efficient and convenient charging performance. The first phase supports ONOT, and the follow-up will gradually open up mainstream currency charging services.

【ONOT recharge and withdrawal】
The new version of ONO dApp allows users to recharge ONOTs stored in personal wallets or exchanges into ONO dApp inline wallets, allowing users to bring ONOTs from cashable assets in ONO dApp to personal wallets or exchanges.

【Market display】
The new version of the market function has been launched, the first phase to support ONOT market view, followed by the gradual opening of multi-currency market services.

【secure payment password verification】
In order to ensure that the security of the user's assets is not infringed, the 2.5.0 version adds ONO inline wallet payment password verification function, and all ONO users can experience the new version by updating to the 2.5.0.

【About the new version of dApp optimization】
A number of bugs are fixed in iOS and Android to make the experience smoother.

May every wish be fulfilled
I hope that the value of every ONOer will be reflected in the ONO.

ONO Development Team
March 5, 2019

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