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OOOBTC is a gateway and trade platform for cryptocurrencies and Crypto-ecosystem situated in Singapore. OOOBTC gives broadened system functions, for example, spot trading, future contract trading, over-the- counter trading, entire system trading, and decentralized trading. Besides, it fulfills the requirements of various financial specialists. Our trading system has a hearty security component and dependable fundamental design, which gives investors with a reliable trading background.


security is the most significant part of business practice. As of now, our interesting platform features are:

● Pool Trading – We are fit for acquiring high trading volumes and creating generous benefits in the present securities exchange because of our integration with other corporate fund houses and significant trading powers.

● High Performance Support - OOOBTC trading system embraces self-developed, high performance core matching engine technology and use distributed figuring technologies, for example, Google Spanner and BigTable. In this way, it can bolster gigantic concurrent computation and make the request preparing speed achieve one million transactions for each second.


With regards to the matter of those using their wallet application which is downloadable on Playstores for Android users, the users are developing ordinary and they utilizing it to exchange and to store their digital assets. The App of OOOBTC or its wallet offer clients the chance to track transactions and to likewise deal with their portfolio. One can likewise win some crypto on the platform by participating in turning of fortunate exchange wheel.

It appears that OOOBTC additionally supports cross-chain swaps or transactions. This takes into account the convenient and secure trade of digital resources crosswise over various systems or blockchains. Besides, an OOOBTC trade audit demonstrates that they have their own platform token, to be specific OOOBTC Token (Ticker : OBX). OBX is by all accounts an ERC20 token with an all out supply of 3 billion tokens.

In addition, it appears that a sound 35% was airdropped at no charge to users in the network. Use cases for OBX token incorporate casting a ballot, esteem included administrations, diversion focus consumption, pay with credit card, offline store consumption,donation, pay the rundown expense and to acquire dividends.

About The Token

This OOOBTC trading platform has an exceptionally valuable token which is known as the OBX token that has such a significant number of uses in the ecosystem. It is an ERC 20 token to enable this mind boggling exchange. It works in paying exchange charges and can be utilized together with a given wallet that verifies ones fund in the ecosystem. The wallet and the OBX token are utilized nearly in the meantime and that enables the client to take part in different exchanges that includes utilizing the token while they are certain about their safety and straightforwardness. It encourages viable crusades that are fit for advancing the platform and a stipulated measure of these coins has previously being made to serve the whole utilization of the platform i.e there will be no further ICO or Public sales to do to accomplish every one of that has just been procured. The token standard in any case, can't be beaten by some other platform due to its structure. It will serve the general use and keep the platform fit as a fiddle

OOOBTC Ecosystem
The OOBTC Ecosystem includes;
• The OOBTC Exchange Platform
• The OOOBTC Exchange Token (OBX)
• The OOOBTC Fiat and Debit Card
• The OOOBTC Gaming Platform
• The OOOBTC Charity Foundation

For more information you can follow the link below:

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