Are you hurt? Feel down?

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Listen, it’s not your fault when he left you. Don’t ever think that you lack something. You did everything. You did your best. If that’s not enough, well it’s his problem. First of all, a real man would love you with all his heart even if you lack something. He’ll love you more than anything even if you and him had some arguments. He’ll understand you, your flaws, your mistakes, or your past. If he can’t do that, you don’t deserve him. If he left you for someone else, let him. Let go of him. Let him do what he want to do. It’s not your loss. He let go the woman who loved him with all her hear, who’ll always be there for him, who’ll always understand him no matter how difficult it is for her to understand him, who always look onto his happiness, who puts everything she can for their relationship. You don’t deserve him, girl. Don’t ever beg for someone to love you back. You’re gorgeous. You are beautiful in every way. You have a good heart. You’re perfectly imperfect. Let time do its work for you to find the real man that’ll do everything for you. He’s just somewhere out there. Don’t feel sad just because he’s gone. You’ll feel happier someday. That wrong man made you really happy right? But what if that true love of yours comes in? How much happier could that be, right? You’re more than enough for the real man who truly loves you. Know your worth, girl. You deserve the best. We deserve the best. Let that heartbreak be your strength. Let that pain make you wiser. Let that scar be the reason for you to be better. There are lots of people who loved you. Your family, friends, or maybe there’s someone who’s really waiting for you. You just have to open your heart. Don’t close your heart for person who truly loves you. I know it hurts a lot. Believe me, I know. But if you close your heart, you’ll never find the real happiness that you deserve to feel or have. Open your heart because you deserve to feel loved and to love. Open your heart because that will lead you in a better place, in a path where you would never regret. Open your heart because there’s a guy, there’ll always be a guy who will truly, madly, and deeply love you in the best way he can. I know you have trust issues, I know you’re scared to be committed again, I know you’re scared to be hurt again. But let me tell you this, once you met that man, you’ll never feel scared again. That man will take away all the pain that you have and will give you another wonderful reason to live your life to the fullest. Smile, girl. Always wear your beautiful make-up.

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