Love is my Religion (Cover)

3년 전


The most powerful force on this earth today. Never cease to experience and express your Love for eachother.
Love protects and love manifests more love always

Singing this song by Ziggy Marley with my lovely band mates. :D

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I loved that pleasant sound and unbeatable the gathering of friends for music.

so great!! so many sweet vibes from you all!! loved your cover!! you all look like so much fun!
you earned my upvote! <3


@soykatonline ... Thank you so much :D


Oh, you have nothing to thank me for ;) i am just saying the truth.

super fun!!! love this ! where are you from da?


@gokulramdas .. Namaskara ! From Mangalore brother.. But we shot this in one of the singers balcony in Bangalore. Where are you guys set up? I like the little studio.

this looks like so much fun :) you guys sound great!!


Thank you sister :D @matisotoguilar