STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 71 - Gratidão (original composition) + BONUS VIDEO

3년 전

Hello Steemians!

Here is my first entry for the openmic contest.
This song came to me while working at the bass department at Berklee College of Music, I was laughing every day with masters of the bass like Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, Lincoln Goines and many others. I felt so lucky to be able to talk to them as teachers and friends that this song came out. It's called Gratidão (Gratitude).
I recorded it at the Berklee Studios with the help of @mogatiexperiment. It is the first and only take we did. We like to keep it organic and transparent. There's an explosion of videos to come with @mogatiexperiment @matisotoaguilar and @gokulramdas, check them out!

Hola a todos! Este es mi primer post en el openmic contest. Es una canción que compuse mientras trabajaba en el departamento de bajo en Berklee. Me sentí muy agradecido de todos los increíbles profesores y amigos que tenía, y esto me motivó a escribir esta canción. Se llama Gratitud.


We met with @gokulramdas and @matisotoaguilar at the Mogati Labs and recorded this but couldn't post it on time. I wanted to share it anyways. Enjoy!!

Question: I was wondering if there is an audience for bass lessons in here. Let me know in the comments!

Big hug,


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That was quite something different, u have amazing voice control when doubling with the bass. It was a feast for my ears, thank you!


Really appreciate the comment my friend! checked out some of your stuff and really enjoyed it to!


i love music to!

Great stuff man! Resteemed :D

You are there in the moment just pouring it out! I LOVE IT ! You got the connection and the skill! Great voice also! I would have loved to express myself better but it's more than 4am ,and I'm bit dumb at this time of the day :D steemit hijacked me ;D


jajajajaja, saying it at 4am you did it perfectly, I couldn't even spell my name right jejeje, appreciate the comment and the words!

Awesomely cool, Choby! Same goes for the bonus track as well - Nice guys!

  ·  3년 전

Que groove tan bueno, disfrute mucho el tema. Mucho exito!

chobitoooo :) bacán. Many more to come!

Great performance!



Thank you so much! thanks for opening a space for us!

What a performance!!!! I really liked it dude.

Good job chobs!! Finally ! your first post!! :)