Steemit Open Mic Week 49 'Tell Her This' Del Amitri Cover

3년 전

I finally won a Steemit Open Mic! A couple of weeks ago I came 1st place (must have been a quiet week...!) with an original song, I was so happy when I found out.

So this week I've relearned an old gem from 90s Scottish rock band Del Amitri. My dad used to play this album when I was a kid, and then about a year ago this song came on in a bar in town and I suddenly remembered how much I loved it - so I learned it.

But when I performed it at an open mic last Summer and forgot the lyrics, I got discouraged and for some reason I just stopped trying to play it. But I'm really enjoying it now so please don't crush my spirit because there is a bum note in there somewhere!

Please upvote/follow/resteem, and thanks for listening!

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So cool Clint! I've never heard of this band before - but I love the way you play and perform this great song... Your vocals are impeccable!


Thanks buddy! Check them out, another great song is 'Nothing Ever Happens'.


I'll do that - thanks, Clint!

Hey clint how are you ? , man your vocal is mastered naturally :))) , perfect song and great performance , and your guitar has a beautiful sound , loved it ...


Hey David, I'm good thanks! How are you doing? The guitar is tuned to DADGAD, so it has a very dreamy blend to it. =) Thanks for the kind words bro.

vocal and musics so naturally @clintjunior

Congrats on the win with an original song and on this beautiful cover/performance as well!

👏👏👏 Nice one Clint. I am a Del Amitri fan and you covered this well mate.

I always think that those who dwell on bum notes have too much time on their hands and they should hear some of my earlier Pedal Steel recordings! 😉


Thanks Geoff! Yeah it's not worth the time, it all adds to the flavour anyway. ;)

Fantastic once again @clintjunior . That voice of yours :) There is a central core to your sound that lets you cut right through the guitar. Loud or soft your sound is right there. This great core lets you lay out your emotional subtleties over it. Fantastic gift you have there.
Keep making your music @clintjunior
cheers my friend


Wow thanks Bucky, I love your feedback!

Nice. :)

Great job man. You always do a great job.

Really nice music hear love hear more


Thank you, if you follow you will hear more.

Great sound.
Good singing and performance!


Cheers mate!

Very cool song. Sounds great.


Very nice song. You performed it really well. No bum notes that i could hear.

Cheers !!!


Thanks, there is just a moment where I bend the bass string, I'm not gonna worry too much about it!

Definitely a nice little Gem there Clint. New to me and I love hearing new Gems, Thanks.

We want more. Aint enough.

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i love every performance from you . great job. feeling it. love your voice and playing