Steemit Open Mic Week 50 - Bob Dylan's "4th Time Around" (from Vanilla Sky)

3년 전

I first heard this song on the film Vanilla Sky. It's from Dylan's 1966 album Blonde on Blonde and it's a really beautiful melodic, arpeggiated song on the original recording if you want to check it out, but on the Vanilla Sky soundtrack they use a recording of one of Dylan's live performances to provide the dreamy atmosphere when the two main characters are rolling around in bed together.

It's a beautiful moment, portraying the best that life has to offer.. (Even if it is all just a dream!) If you haven't seen this film, I suggest you watch it. Maybe even watch the original Spanish film, Abre Los Ojos. But I have to be honest I fell in love with the Hollywood remake, mostly for the way the music is used in such clever ways.

Well here's my cover of the live version you'll hear on the movie!

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👏👏👏 Brilliant Clint and I prefer your voice to BD TBH. I would happily pay to watch you do a BD tribute show (with some of your own thrown in for good measure). Really good that. 👏👏👏 😊

p.s. I have only just realised the very close similarity to "Norwegian Wood". I would attribute that to your more tuneful vocal line mate! 👏👏👏👍


Well if you ever want to book me for a gig in your local, I will accept Steem! ;)
Yeah I think he wrote it as a response to Norwegian Wood - which was a very Dylanesque Beatles song to begin with. Thanks for the kind words Geoff!

great vocal and music , Loved the melodies with harmonica , I will watch the movie too , I like Comedy Drama movies , this movie looks like a Drama , I think .... , is that Penelope Cruz ?


It's kind of a sci-fi drama, you'll be surprised when you watch it, it really does grip you. Yeah Penelope Cruz is in it, she's also in the original Spanish film. Let me know what you think man!


it was a literature work , and when I watched it , I couldn't feel that it's from 2001 , because they did it so great , and man those actors and actresses they were all young (LOL) the story was confusing the viewer , but at the end the conclusion part was great , that's an idea , in past I was thinking what if we go to a room and when we get out of it , we see a new world and we will understand that all of these years we lived in a dreamy world created by our mind or some other people's mind and it's not real , it had a real great story , you know about literature , writers show us future , like Jules Verne stories , when there was no balloon he was writing about a balloon in one of his stories , or going under the sea , or to the moon ....

Lovely song yet again!


Thanks Hun, sorry I haven't visited your blog in a while, I've literally just been posting my videos and that's it. Will pop over now!


Ooh not a problem at all! I understand completely and it's how things go for me a lot aswell. Just had some time to scroll back through my Home feed this morning and you popped up :D

A great song. Cover was spot on!

Nice work man. One of my favorites

Had no idea Vanilla Sky was a remake.

Loved hearing you sing today. Thanks. You really nailed it on the harmonica too.



Aww thank you man. :) Yeah, Penelope Cruz is in the original Spanish film too. I actually saw the original film first on TV one night when I was about 18, but I fell asleep halfway through because it was late, then a week later Vanilla Sky was on TV and it was like dejavu - it took me a while to realise it was a remake!

awesome job man, thanks for sharing.

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nice music

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Nice picture and i enjoy yor music cover. Always Good post brother @clintjunior

Dang Clint that was good!