Steemit openmic week 113.. 'E be like say'.. By dominiqueguitars


Hello openmicers, how y'all doing today.
It's been quite a while I was here, miss y'all much tho,and it feels so good to be making this post right now, I'm almost forgetting the rules pertaining to the intro in my video, please pardon me!

Today I decided to do a song by a Nigerian art: Tuface Idibia, titled 'e be like say'. This song was released in response to the ills of the Nigerian government at the time.

Besides the above, it's such a very fine song you wanna download and listen to. However, listen to my version below, where I featured the love of my life, Ada, the lady behind my smiles.. I love you baby.

Special thanks to @luzcypher and the others for the good job they doing here.

Do enjoy!

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Great voice and goodluck on the contest


Thanks a lot steemjet records!
I appreciate these kind words
God bless you guys n Happy New month of December!

  ·  작년

Hello @dominiqueguitars, I missed your voice man. I liked the tut tut at the end of your lovely song. Nice to listen to you again. Keep singing smiling both of you! Bless you!


Hey @johano!
It's been a very long while... Thanks for the kind words.. I hope you are doing great?

  ·  작년

Thanks. Could be worse, as the Irish people used to say.


Yeah, you right... Could have been worse brother!
But all thanks to God for life!

  ·  작년

Hi @dominiqueguitars, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @sound-legion doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @soundlegion ?

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Hey @checky, you right about @soundlegion
I got the whole placement wrong
You the best!

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