Steemit Open Mic Week 83 // Flor de Fuego (Caramelos de Cianuro's COVER)

3년 전

Hello again to all my Steemit's Friends

I hope you're having a good night and a wonderful week, this time I want to share with you my entry for Steemit Open Mic Week 83, with one song that I love, this is a song that I'll never forget, from "Caramelos de Cianuro", a venezuelan band that I covered many times, "Flor de Fuego" is a really sad and melancholic song, is about all feelings that appear when a love relationship ends, you can feel the pain and sadness comming from this song, true words, true feelings come to you when you hear it, I hope you like it.

Thanks to @luzcypher and @pfunk for doing this great move!! You're the best!

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You are cute and I love u

Cuánto sentimiento! Muy bien @frank26, que bonita letra, no la conocía!