Steemit Open Mic Week 85 - Espuma (Caramelos de Cianuro's COVER)

3년 전

Good night to all my friends in Steemit

Today is WEDNESDAY, yes, I always post my Open Mic entries on thursday, but there were no classes on my university, so I had time to post it today.

"Espuma" is a really good song, with a nice chords progression, I love how this song sound, again, belongs to "Caramelos de Cianuro" my spanish-speaking favorite band, now, I had a little more time to record, so I tried a new thing, with my C1-U Behringer microphone, Adobe Audition CS6 and Sony Vegas Pro 13 I hope you really like it, it was fun!

Thanks to @luzcypher and @pfunk for giving us this space to show what we have.

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@franj26 magnifica voz y buen complemento con la guitarra, lo hiciste fenomenal.


Gracias Yeniiiii <3

One of the things I love about this open mic forum is that I get to hear so much great music that I would otherwise never have access to. I love music like this, and even though my understanding of the Spanish language is minimal, I love songs like this. Thank you for a song I would have otherwise maybe never heard. I love it!


Wow, thanks!!! You should go to hear the original song, I'm not that good jajajaja, and I'm agree with you, in this "Openmic" comunity you can find so many good songs and musicians playing very well, I've been shocked a few times watching the other entries, they're amazing, thanks to you, I'm glad you liked it.

Tienes un talento impresionante hermano , que. Buen video! Me encantó la segunda voz 💪👍🏼


Muchas gracias hermano, aprecio mucho tus comentarios, que tengas un gran día

¡guau! Ahora sí me dejaste boquiabierta, que buenos efectos le diste, me encantó verte tan versátil, además de que la canción es hermosa, muchas felicidades!!!!!!


Gracias Sulemnaaaaa <3! Sí, la canción es genial! No prometo nada, pero trataré de hacer mejores trabajos.

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Woooooooow!! Thanks @illuminati-Inc , @curie!!! This is great! Hahahahaa I'm really surprised now!! I'll vote for you, guys <3.


Super thanks! :)
Surprise is what we go for :)