Steemit Open Mic Week 89 - La Cima (Charliepapa's COVER)

3년 전

Good Evening too all my Steemit's friends

Today is gonna be the day that I'm gonna bring a cover to you.
hahahahaha I hope you're having a good week, this is my entry for Steemit Open Mic WEek 89 and... guess what? I HAVE ANOTHER VENEZUELAN BAND Hahahahaha, but this is not a band I've covered before, this band is named "Charliepapa" they're a Pop-Rock and Alternative Rock band from my country, Venezuela, and this song has by name "La Cima" or ¿"The Top"? and it deals with all those things that we want from the deepest part of our heart, and that it is better to fail a thousand times in the attempt until we achieve it than to get shortcuts. Not to lose courage even if the way to the top is more and more inclined. Always dawns for the one who gives everything.

Here's my entry, I hope you enjoy it, thanks to @luzcypher and @pfunk for this contest, they give us life on Steemit.

This video is dedicated to two dear friends, @omarydler and his girlfriend @planetavioleta who had previously told me that she loves that song, always walk to the top, my friends, I love you both.

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enjoy this song completely, thanks my dear friend @ franj26 for dedicating it, I follow you from a time in your work and without a doubt, I have seen how you have grown over time little by little, music is a very special talent and I appreciate that you can Share it in the way you've always done it.

I hope to see you soon, a hug my friend, we also love you and we appreciate you very much.

Pd: espero cantar una canción contigo de nuevo...

disfrute completamente esta canción, gracias mi querido amigo @franj26 por dedicarnosla, te sigo desde un tiempo en tu trabajo y sin duda, he visto como has crecido con el tiempo poco a poco, la musica te es un talento muy especial y agradezco que puedas compartirlo de la forma en la que lo has hecho siempre.

espero verte pronto, un abrazo mi amigo, nosotros también te amamos y te apreciamos muchísimo.

Pd: espero cantar una canción contigo de nuevo...


You're my broth! I'm really happy about you like this and enjoyned It, this is the thing I most love to do and sharing with my Friends is one of the best parts!!! See you soon, Bro, we're closer right nowb jajajajaja

Siempre un excelente trabajo, palante mi hermano que ese enorme tralento!

Felicidades @franj26, adelante con tu música!
un abrazo amigo.

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Pero que bella canción @franj26, que gran corazón ♥ tienes, no cabe duda que tienes mucho talento, a mi me encantan tus interpretaciones por que siento que les pones el alma, esta canción en especial me llegó mucho ¡que tengas mucho éxito!