Super cool discovery #1: Steemit Open Mic

2년 전

So I'm very new to Steemit and I'm still getting the hang of tagging and such. But I love me a good old open mic here and there. That's why I wanted to share the Steemit Open Mic with everyone following my blog (all 7 of you, haha!) I'm sure most people on here already know about it, but I'd thought I'd share it and "resteem" it anyway. Damn I probably sound like a total nerd. Whatever though, I'm just super excited to be motivated to play music again.

So this shiz is run by @luzcypher and also sponsored by @pfunk. I can't wait to discover all the other people in this community. It feels like the first day of summer camp. Except I never had the chance or money for summer camp. Just saw that shit in movies and such.

Now I just gotta somehow turn my friends onto steemit and rock and roll forever!

Here's a link to week 77's Steemit open mic below.

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To enter Steemit Open Mic please follow the rules. Thank you.


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I went to summer camp many if not most years when I was a kid. I can still remember the distinct dread. 7 days of having Jesus crammed down your throat, being forced to sing and clap along like some robotic North Korean cheerleader…