Steemit OpenMic week 80 - "Elastic Heart" (cover)

2년 전

I have really missed playing in OpenMic... I'm back this week ;) Bringing a cover song to the table, "Elastic Heart" by Sia. I had limited time this morning while my son was in school, but I made the most of it and managed to get a decent take. Guitar playing is a tad rusty, as you can see by the DUST on it! I need to pick it up more...

Enjoy! Cheers

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Great job! Glad to have you back in Open Mic 🎤


Thanks Drew! Happy to be back.. :)

Very nicely done!


Thanks again! :)

Mucha inspiración. Linda voz. Suerte con esto en el concurso.


Mi español esta no bueno, pero... Gracias! ✌🏼

love your voice, beautiful


Thanks so much 🙏🏻

Good to hear you back again. Missed you.



Thanks @luzcypher - i will try not to stay quiet for too long next time ;)

Awesome cover, Kay!

Welcome back! Smooth cover performance for your return Great song choice


Thanks! Glad u liked it :)


You're very welcome, it is a very catchy song and the melodies are gripping

You fail at failing lol you bring it everytime and inspire @kjablonski

I have included you in my Judge's List for Week 80
Please read the full review here


“Fail at failing” LOL i’ll accept that compliment ;)
Thanks again ✌🏼


It's so true too, you're very welcome