Steemit OpenMic week 93 - Original Song "Who Am I"

2년 전

Been awhile since I played OpenMic... I have a new original to share, "Who Am I". It seems that I've got a bit country.. Just gonna roll with it.

Hope everyone is doing well! Cheers...

Serious throwback image here, sharing secrets with Buddha. Back when I was young and didn't know nearly as much as I know now.


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Great composition and performance Kay! It's nice to see you back!
Who are you?
... You're Awesome! :-)


Haha thsnks for saying so! You are all the first ones to hear it, glad u liked.

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Good to see you back! By the comment in this post, it looks like everyone wants you to play for them.

Happy you're back here and congratulations @kjablonski!


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Thanks @luzcypher :) Im always here at openmic in spirit! Trying my best to jump in more, and soon ;)

@kjablonski, your song was selected to be part of the initial collection set of trading cards for the album of Steemit OpenMic.
Congratulations !!

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