🎶 Open Mic Week 146 - My Top 5 Judges Selection 🎶


Well hello everyone, it has been another fine week for the Open Mic family - another round filled with fantastic performances, also good to see some familiar faces and the new ones too!

I had a lovely time listening to everyone's performances this week, you guys really know how to put on a show - and seriously this is the best job ever, I get to listen to fantastic music and tell people all about it... what more could I want.

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Without further delays here is Open Mic week 146 judges top 5 selection:

This week's top 5:

1st Place - @origen1618- Lo Siento

Wow man I really enjoyed this performance so very much, you conveyed so much raw emotion - just a perfect performance of someone truly connected to the lyrics and meaning of the song, taking it to a pure place of beauty.

Your playing is just spot on, I haven't heard a single misplaced note - but you have also created a lot of movement and tempo changes throughout, adding to the complexity of the song and awesomeness of the overall performance.

Then there is your vocals, where you display amazing control over your range and the emotion conveyed through the tone and delivery - adding more with vocal gymnastics that act to enhance and entice, I was just hooked from the instant I heard it.

I think I had you in my shortlist last week, because you caught my attention then as well - I think we can come to expect great things from you and I am really looking forward to hearing more soon - oh and welcome to Open Mic <3

2nd Place - @ skycorridors - Breakable

Firstly yay your an Aussie tehehe love it and a little ashamed I didn't figure that out sooner... but we've claimed you now :D and lovely you have done it again, just another all round brilliant performance.

I have been stoked when getting your entries of late, they have been so varied and unique - yet I am starting to get a feel for the type of artist you are and I have to say that I really hope you have a heap more songs stashed away.

I totally agree performing your own music is something that's really intense, on an emotional level just putting yourself out there - let alone the physical one if your like me and even when at home recording I still get nervous lol.

You'r music is perfectly styled to accentuate your truly stunning vocals, they are just so crisp and clean - pure even... it adds an almost angelic/harmonic feel to the songs and make them feel even more unreal, just absolutely brilliant and hope to see more soon!

3rd Place - @joseacabrerav - Sin arrepentimientos

Oh Jose what can I say man, you have some seriously impressive skills - I am so grateful whenever I get to hear your music, especially something that feels like an extension of where you are right now.

Your playing as always is spectacular, I don't believe I have ever heard you miss a note - and you do it all with such calm and grace, its refreshing and always entertaining to watch.

Then as always your brilliant vocals, you have a fantastic vocal range and control - you enhance songs by adding texture throughout and variety in your methods of delivery, choosing moments and emotions within the song to extend further.

Just an all round awesome performance, with amazing vocal variety and flare - love your work as always <3

4th Place - @danieldedosd2 - Heart of our earth/Water

Oh mate you just kicked some serious ass again this week, I just love your versatility and technique - plus I have to say what great song, I hadn't heard it but what a brilliant message behind it as well.

Reading the lyrics I was actually surprised at first about what the song was about, I thought at first it was a love song - but when you think about it in a way it is, just one for water earth and life in general.

I was blown away by how such a powerful message could sound so beautiful, but beauty is what I feel when I hear it - you are such an amazingly talented musician and this song whether people realise it or not, is quiet demanding piece requiring diligent breathing throughout.

Another brilliant performance this week mate, you just keep doin what your doin - just wondering if you have a guitar strap? Another way to maximise your lung capacity would be to stand, with a song like this every breath counts - standing can offer you addition space in your diaphragm, offering additional support for big, high and fast singing. (btw a big tip of the hat to you too, because in all of your brilliant performances your playing as well - that usually means sitting, I have to say I'm a little intrigued if standing would mean you can do even more lol).

5th Place - @drewley - The Way You Look Tonight

Hello again lovely people's, you guys just have such a relaxed and carefree approach it really just draws you in - making you feel as though they are there with you.

Brilliant playing as always, love the skip feeling it has throughout - adding an extra layer of energy to the piece, you guys looked like you had fun doing it too.

The singing was fantastic, the only draw back I had was that I couldn't hear (I'm so sorry but I've forgotten her name again :S) her better - I love hearing the harmonies you guys come up with but this week she was a little overpowered, but honestly still loved it :D

Honourable Mentions:

@elisonr13 - Ximena Sariñana

Master Shortlist:

@montanacellist, @juanchez, @edwardstobia, @filosbonus, @tarotbyfergus, @lecumberre, @shelbi.

Wow guys... just wow, you really never cease to amaze me - and it never gets old that this is my job :D gotta love what you do!

I was so thrilled with the level of entries we got this week, including some new faces that just smashed it - and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you guys have in store for us next week, have a good one and remember don't forget to use the #palnet!

I wanted to take a moment to ask all our amazing musicians and their fans to please support the witnesses that support Open Mic and YOU, if you have any witness votes available please consider lending your support to them - so they can continue to support you each and every week!

Open Mic's New Discord Server:

I'd like to officially welcome you all to the new Open Mic Discord server, we have been open a little while now - with many of you having already joined.

But it's still a little quiet and I blame myself partly (I didn't know the world of crazy would set in just after opening it up and I just haven't been there to engage with everyone properly or promptly), I hope to remedy this in the coming weeks and months with some big plans we have in the works.

For now it's very hush hush, as plans are finalised and things evolve - you a can be sure you guys will hear all about it.

In the meantime however, there are heaps of amazing musicians already on there - it's a tool and you guys need to use it to get full advantage.

Ask a question, request a collaboration the world is yours - hell even just go in there and play around listening to some tunes in the jukebox room!

I will be trying to make myself more available on the server as time continues, so feel free to drop by even just for a chat.

Again a big thanks to @soundlegion, @meno and @verbal-d for all they do as judges, please remember to go and check out their top five selections each week and to @luzcypher, @pfunk and @ausbitbank thank you so much for making all of this possible - until next week.

Which was your favourite entry this week?

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Such a successful comment, and this is explained by the difficulty of breathing. Not everything in the world The world realizes this, only someone with great knowledge about singing. I confess that it cost me a lot each sentence. But in the end I was satisfied. I will take it into your account the next time you interpret it. Thank you for your comments. My special respect for you ...

i love to sing music krystle and i love to share my pasion in this contest that gave me the oportunity of loose fears little by little, tons of love <3 your kind words always are healing <3

Wow, you don't know how surprised I feel and I'm glad that you gave me a place in your top 5, it's very special for me, I give my best to always do better ... Thank you very much really

Thank you so so much once again for your incredibly kind words :)