Open mic week 89 entry Lilly M

3년 전

Hey! This is my entry for week 89 Open Mic. A cover by artist Daniel Cesar featuring H.E.R. It’s called Best Part :)

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Thanks so much for choosing me as one of your top picks. Honoured! ❤️

Beautiful Singing Lilly!


Thanks amigo :)

Beautiful! I love it so much.


Thanks very much! :)


@luzcypher Thank you! It’s been a while since I’ve posted but happy to be back :)

Lovely song and performance, Lilly! I'm pretty sure I recognize you from past entries, but it seems like such a long time ago. Anyway, I'm glad you're here (again?) and shared this awesome performance with us. Nice!


Thank you so much! Yes, I haven’t posted in a few months, but I’m happy to be back :) appreciate the kind words!