Steemit Open Mic Week 72 - Record Your Performance And Win Steem - Sponsored By @pfunk And @luzcypher

3년 전

Steemit Open Mic is an online, live music venue to give musicians a chance to share their music with the Steemit community and get their music heard. It is growing larger every week thanks to all of you.

I want to thank all the talented people that have made the Open Mic contest such a joy to host. It is a pleasure listening to everyone's music and getting to know you guys. Steemit is SO cool like that.

NOTE TO SCAMMERS: I have closed most of the holes scammers have found to cheat the contest except for one. Now people are stealing valid entries from the current week and entering it as their own thinking that because the person in the video says the words Steemit Open Mic Week (current week number) that I will not notice it was already entered. This is the worst form of cheating possible and I have started flagging those caught doing this.

From now on, anyone entering Open Mic must say Steemit Open Mic Week Number (current week number) and their username to have a valid entry. This is to stop scammers from stealing your video and entering it as their own.

What Are The Rules To Enter Steemit Open Mic And Why Do We Have Rules Anyways

New Rule For Entering Steemit Open Mic And The Open Mic Songwriters Challenge

Peraturan Baru Untuk Mengikuti Steemit Open Mic Dan Open Mic Songwriters Challenge

Join Steemit Open Mic Night Week 72 and win Steem. Just Record, Post, Win! Come play or sing a song for Steemit.

Hablas Español? Haga Clic Aquí

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Steemit Open Mic Rules

From now on, anyone entering Open Mic must say Steemit Open Mic Week Number (current week number) and their username to have a valid entry. This is to stop scammers from stealing your video and entering it as their own.

  • The cutoff date for entries is Friday the 16th of February 2018
  • Each week the contest starts on Sunday and ends on Friday. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER BEFORE SUNDAY the 11th
  • Only 1 entry per person per week
  • Steemit Open Mic Week 72 must the beginning of the post title.
  • Steemit Open Mic Week 72 and your username must be said at the beginning of your video
  • Live musical performances only specifically made for this contest. **A musical instrument must be played in your performance. **
  • openmic must be the first tag
  • Add a link to your post in the comments of this contest post.
  • You must upvote this post.

Entries must follow these rules to earn prizes. For a more in-depth understanding of the rules read, What Are The Rules To Enter Steemit Open Mic And Why Do We Have Rules Anyways

Dtube Does Not Work For Entering Steemit Open Mic Or The Open Mic Songwriters Challenge --- by @luzcypher


Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

Victor Hugo


It is very important to say the words "Steemit Open Mic Week 72" AND YOUR USERNAME at the beginning of your recorded video. Posts without those words spoken in the beginning of your live, recorded video do not qualify for prizes.

From now on, anyone entering Open Mic must say Steemit Open Mic Week Number (current week number) and their username to have a valid entry. This is to stop scammers from stealing your video and entering it as their own.

If your song is an original song by you it is very important you put the word "original" in the title and "originalmusic" as the second tag of your post

Here is an example of a correctly titled post.

steemit open mic submission example.png

These requirements make it easier for judges and curators to find your posts and reward you for original songs. Ignoring these requirements only hurt your chances of earning rewards.

Steemit Open Mic News

Steemit Open Mic Is Growing And Expanding And A Call For A Dedicated Open Mic Website --- by @luzcypher

Behind The Scenes Look At The Steemit Open Mic Selection Process How We Pick The Top 5 Entries

You can also post your Steemit Open Mic link to Steemit Open Mic Post Promotion channel by join us at the Steemit Local Musicians Society on Discord and get more upvotes for your entry. Here is the invite code

Steemit Open Mic Week 72

Thanks for supporting, upvoting, Resteeming and entering Steemit Open Mic, a community of music lovers for music lovers and musicians.

2 Votes = Win Win

You can help support Steemit Open Mic by making sure to vote two times.

  • Once on this post so the payouts for the winners will make this contest self-supporting. We're very grateful @pfunk is helping out right now, but helping this post with upvotes gives more rewards to the winners and the contest will be self-supporting.

  • And vote a 2nd time on the link of your favorite entry's post found in the comments below. This will help support all the musicians that entered, even if they didn't win the contest.

  • In fact, some entries earned very well, even though they didn't win. And that's good because musicians need to eat.

**Winners from week 71 will be announced **, Monday, February 12th, 2018 so be sure to follow @luzcypher for updates and thanks for everyone that entered, upvoted and resteemed Steemit Open Mic.

Steemit Open Mic Process

Keeping it short and sweet, here is the flow of considerations for the Steemit Open Mic contest:-

  • Need to promote community participation in the spirit of Steemit Open Mic night.

  • So.. Steemit Open Mic submissions in comments, community voting and reblogging are encouraged.

  • However, we need to avoid public vote abuse and keep a certain standard for Steemit Open Mic night.

  • So.. community voting as the first filter, before internal voting.
  • Another problem: late submissions are usually disadvantaged as they get less attention on the contest post.
  • So.. we've tried to mitigate such a problem by including unique votes of Steemit Open Mic submissions in their own blog posts.

  • We're looking for real live musical performances for this contest. Some people have posted old videos from YouTube and it's difficult to verify that it's really them performing. They will be disqualified from the contest.

  • If you want a chance to earn the prize, make a new video and say STEEMIT OPEN MIC Week 72 at the start of it.


How To Enter Steemit Open Mic Night

  • In a well lit quiet room, use your cell phone to record your performance. See recording tips here and here


  • Upload your performance to YouTube or other video hosting site.

  • Create a post on your own Steemit account pasting the URL of your uploaded video.


For example: STEEMIT Open Mic Week 72 - Hold That Tiger by @cheetabot

  • You can title your post anything you want just be sure the first words say STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 72.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: THE FIRST TAG ON YOUR POST MUST BE openmic All one word. No spaces.


  • POST THE LINK TO YOUR POST IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST. This will increase your exposure and votes while increasing the amount of prize money AND WILL LET US KNOW YOU HAVE ENTERED

Judging, and Contest Prize

  • Submit your performance in the comment / reply section by 12.00 PM UTC Time (Friday 16th FEBRUARY 2018). Find your UTC time here.


  • You may only submit 1 (one) entry per week.

  • From now on, anyone entering Open Mic must say Steemit Open Mic Week Number (current week number) and their username to have a valid entry. This is to stop scammers from stealing your video and entering it as their own.

  • Performances are not judged on production value, only on performance and entertainment value.

  • Steemit Open Mic judges will deliberate 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place based on the selected performances.
  • Each week the prizes will be paid as follows:
  • 1st place: 120 Steem
  • 2nd place: 60 Steem
  • 3rd place: 40 Steem
  • 4th place: 40 Steem
  • 5th place: 40 Steem


300 Steem Prize


You can use any images you want on your blog when you enter Steemit Open Mic. If you would like to help promote a common theme for the Steemit Open Mic Contest you may also use this image below.

Just copy and paste this code as the first image on your blog post.



How To Get More Views To Your Entry

You can help get more views to your Steemit Open Mic entry and help grow the contest by Tweeting your blog post. You can also:

  1. Steemit Group 1
  2. Steemit Group 2


  • Make sure performances are your performance.

  • The song does not have to be original, only your performance of the song.

  • The Steemit Open Mic judges reserve the right to forfeit submissions that are misleading.

Remember to follow these rules so we can find and reward your post.

From now on, anyone entering Open Mic must say Steemit Open Mic Week Number (current week number) and their username to have a valid entry. This is to stop scammers from stealing your video and entering it as their own.

  • The cutoff date for entries is Friday the 16TH of February
  • Each week the contest starts on Sunday and ends on Friday. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER BEFORE SUNDAY OR AFTER FRIDAY 12 UTC TIME
  • Only 1 entry per person per week
  • Steemit Open Mic Week 72 must the beginning of the post title.
  • Steemit Open Mic Week 72 and your username must be said at the beginning of your video
  • Live performances only specifically made for this contest.
  • openmic must be the first tag
  • Add a link to your post in the comments of this contest post.
  • You must upvote this post.
  • If your song is an original song then add the word "Original" somewhere in your title

For a fuller understanding of the rules read, What Are The Rules To Enter Steemit Open Mic And Why Do We Have Rules Anyways

New Music Category Communities

Music Category communities are coming together on Steemit and if you're a music lover, please show support and join in the fun. Here are a few new places to find great music.

Steemit Musicians With Krystle Shane And Isaria Msp Waves Radio 30 Sbd Prize --- by @isaria

Calling All Steemit Music Artist Llamando A Todos Los Artistas De Steemit Music Horns Up Saloon Week 3 --- by @lk666

Steemit Talent Contest Week 3 The Winners --- by @donnaincancun

Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 4 Submissions And Cover Contest Make A Volume 4 Cover And Win 25 Steem --- by @soundlegion

Songwriter S Shop Talk Episode 2 Featuring Basilmarples On Msp Waves --- by @meno

New Developments In The Open Mic Community On Steemit --- by @luzcypher

Suggestion: openmic must be the first tag to enter open mic, but adding other music-related tags (such as music, music-trail) may help your post get more attention and perhaps even get curated by those music curators.

If your song is an original song, add orginalmusic as your 2nd tag. This will help curators know it is an original song which currently pays a Steem bonus to you.

Thank you all for the participation!

Thank you for the positive support from the Steemit community and special thanks to @kevinwong for his guidance, encouragement and support and @verbal-d for writing a song that inspired the idea and @pfunk for helping and supporting Open Mic.

Please contact @luzcypher in SteemitChat for any further questions you may have and you can post your entry there too.

Hablas Español? Haga Clic Aquí

Translation courtesy of @lizanomadsoul

Est-ce que tu parles Français? Cliquez ici.

Traduction gracieuseté de @roxane

We would like to thank you all for your spirited participation in making this a big part of the Steemit music community!



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Here's my entry for this week. Thanks to Luzcypher and the Judges for all the effort they put in and good luck to everyone.


Great sound my friend! Congrats


Supercool! Great vocals. Really enjoyed it. All the best for the contest.

Great to be back this week! Thanks to the judges for putting their all into this contest each and every week. Enjoy guys, and good luck!


Really nice. Great tone and the reverb worked really well. It's surprising how many people seem to have Taylor guitars! That ones a beaut!


Awesome, thanks @camuel. I've always been a Taylor guy!


Beautiful song

Hey everyone! and thanks @luzcypher for the mention about the Saloon ;)
Here's my entry for this week!

ENJOY! <3\m/M\m/<3


I'm always ànticipating ur entry each time


Thank you very much <3

  ·  3년 전

Esteemed Steemians, this is my entry for this week's Steemit Open Mic Contest, with a special guest performance by my bro. I wish everyone a groovy start into the week! As always, a big THANKS to @luzcypher and @pfunk for bringing this awesome contest to life!

Show your fellow steemians how you feel about this song by dropping a comment below.

This is our entry for the open mic contest of this week, hope you like it :)


Wow, how fun! You've got my vote fore sure.


Really feeling your groove there, thank you. Such a fun rhythm and harmony in this song of yours.

Well, I once again missed a change (I'm sorry. I've been really bad at this!!!), so I didn't say my name at the beginning, but I did introduce my dad @serapium who is playing with me AND watermarked my video, so hopefully saying at least one of our names will count! If not, I'll just try again next week! I learned Sweet Child of Mine on the ukulele and we made it our own style. I hope you like it.


Interesting version! I really like it!!!

Hey @Luzcypher - here is my entry for Openmic 72. This week I did a cover of one of my early influences into my music career - Avril Lavigne - "Fall to Pieces" - Thanks to all the judges and sponsors and supporters of openmic - you guys rock

Managed to find a little bit of time to write and record a short song this week!

Glad to be back and part of #openmic again!

Here you go and thanks as always for the time and effort you put into this!

This is my first week on Steem and the #openmic is the thing that excites me most. I've heard so much good music already! Here's my submission for week 72


Wow, fantastic @camuel! Great composition and a beautiful tune to listen to. Welcome to OpenMic!


I love it. You produce a great tone, and I really like the intervals you are using. I'm following you for more great music. Thanks for posting


This is amazing @camuel absolutely incredible. Really enjoyed that.


Thank you!

I've got another original this week, called Crypto-Traders. Just a little salute :)
#openmic... You rock my face off!

Hello everyone! Here's my original song for Valentines Week.

Guitar Without Strings

I was pointed in this direction by @meno , I think this #openmic community, and this contest is something absolutely fantastic. I can't say I know of something like this anywhere on the net, and more so specifically for musicians by musicians.

Just wanted to drop by, say hi... and congratulate you in what you do. I will be following the artists that show up on this contest, I already heard a few entries, and it was a very pleasant surprise.

All the best in your endeavors.


Happy to join you again, this time i promised you to sing with my lovely handpan instrument :) This song i wrote with all my feelings and emotions, which i went through now and with creating this song, i realized how i could grow from this love i am thankful for :)


Another UFI sighting (Unidentified Flying Instrument) ;-P
It's a very relaxing sound you have especially with the vocals.

Hello my fellow Steemians! Here is my entry for this week's Steemit Open Mic:


You always amaze me! Very creative musically, visually and performance wise always a treat.
It inspires me to want to try new ideas. If I was a judge you would be high in the running for this weeks prize. WTG!


Wow that's high praise thanks man! Loved your entry this week too (big surprise :D).

Hey team! Excited to contribute early this week - one of my very favourite old songs. xx, Kay


Hi Kay Nice Vocs, you got my upvote!

Hey there folks! My entry this week is a song I wrote back in 2010 called "Little bird". Thanks for watching and have a great week everyone!


Great song Trevor. You've still got that Fat Lady 2, huh? Hold on tight! She's a beauty!


Hey thanks @camuel! Yes, I'm holding on tight indeed. In fact I'm trying to secure the funds to make sure I never have to let her go :)


Great sound, and I like your studio! Greetings from Tasmania :)


Hey thanks for watching Tim! I'm really enjoying the new room, it's been many years in the making but I still have a lifetime of music ahead of me. Beautiful place Tasmania, way too long since I visited. I'm actually playing a show with a Tasmanian band this weekend "Paper Souls" have you ever seen them play?


Yeah! I think I did sound for them once :)


Haha cool, such a small world!


Incredible dude! Congratulations again.

Manu Rodriguez.


Thanks Manu! 🙏


Great song @trevorpetrie Loved it


My entry for 72!
Steemit Openmic Week 72 - Leave Boots by Bri bri

As I've expressed in the video here, this song is designed to be shared in a group, and so it is formatted as a call-and-response, with repetitive verses. See the link for more info.


Our fave rad-daddy, singing lullabies to the trees and bees. :) <3


Que bonito suena la combinación de ambos instrumentos. Viento y cuerdas juntos, felicitaciones profe y un saludo al amigo @untaljames por compartir su arte con esta gran comunidad.


How cool is that! what platform did you use to collaborate and were there any delays? Steem connects for sure!


Yes it does!! For me, garageband and iMovie. I think Ben used iMovie as well to put this together.

Glad I can be a part of this contest. I am excited to hear all of your feedback, but mostly I am just happy that my content is being heard here. Much love fellow Steemians.

Sorry it wasn't entered earlier this week.
Thanks for all the encouragement to enter last week on MSP Waves Radio. Particularly a big thanks to @krystal for lining up that radio interview/performance.

TURN YOUR VOLUME UP! (seriously though)



Super tone and technique. Such fluent phrasing. Delightful. I'm sure you'll do well this week!

Here another cover that cost me work for the recording and editing, I hope you enjoy it a lot.

Dear all my friends Steemian Music Lovers, this is my original song titled "MEMORIES", an entry for Steemit Open Mic Week 72. Check this out...


Please listen to it and upvote it


Really nice brother! My respects.


Thank you :)

Here's another cover from me. I must work on writing some more originals.

So i decided to take part in this open mic challenge with an accapella chorus cover of Made a Way by Travis Greene

Check This Out...

If the Lord made a way for you...
Show us some love!

This is my entry for oepnmic week 72

Hiii, this is my entry for this week, sorry that i didn´t say my username at the beginning of the video but i edited it two days ago before reading the new rules and i loved it... Hope you like it \m/

Hi everyone I'm Glad to participate here in this Week 72 of the Open Mic. Here I leave my post this week and on the eve of Valentine's Day, I take this opportunity to wish you a happy day of love and friendship. greetings and blessings!


Very cool, man! You say "acoustic" but that looks like a Stratocaster to me (electric), no? And a pretty cool one, at that! I don't think I've ever seen one in that green before.. is that a Fender or some other kind?


This is my friend, it is a Fender Strat and certainly with a very particular sound and color. Place acoustic because I am not accompanied by any electronic or programmed base, although you are quite right if we see it from the point of view that I used an electric guitar. very grateful with your comments. greetings and blessings


gOtcha. Well, in that case, I am "acoustic" too! And yeah, no problem; us musicians should "stick together!" :) What year is the strat, if you don't mind me asking? Early 2000s? I'd love to see the rest of it if you have another vidoes or some pics, perhaps... That just gave me an idea: what about a steemit page just for guitars and guitar-talk!! I don't think they have that.. I'm gonnna check it out.

Hello guys here I bring this famous song of the Far West played by my friend @untaljames in the harmonica and my person on the guitar. I hope you like, greetings from Venezuela.


I liked that better than I thought I was going to.

Good day everyone
Hope you're all having a beautiful day.

This is my entry to the Steemit Open Mic contest Week 72.

I do hope it gains traction😎
Thanks to @luzcypher for organising this contest....


my humble submission for week 72 of the open mic contest... thanks for letting me be a part of this thing! have a great week everyone!

Hi, here is my new video in the OpenMic, this song is called "Tuyo" created by Rodrigo Amarante, it's the opening theme of the series "Narcos". Let me know in the comments your opinions.

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

Hi! This is my entry, hope you like it and thanks a lot for the chance once again :)

Here is my entry for OPENMIC week 72
I learnt the song someone like you out of my first heartbreak Lolz I know it's funny
But I did, it was when I was hurt I found out that I had great passion for guitar playing, I seriously wish I did this song with a guitar, well ADELE voice was really touching the instrumental came to me ND it sounded easy, for those of you beginners like me that have been heart broken in any way, this song is for you

Thanks to our lovely organizers for this weekly contest.. Here is my entry for the week 72 openmic contest

Great job my friends. Greetings for openmic.

friend @luzcypher thank you for this opportunity again I participate in this contest thank you for listening to me

Hello friends of steemit, this is my first participation in open mic; I hope you enjoy this topic...

So i successfully entered the som71 contest last week and followed all the rules. I was getting ready to post my submission this week for som72 when I saw a new rule that was not there last week. It states, "A musical instrument must be played in your performance". Since I am an emcee, and am using prerecorded instrumentals (which do have real musical instruments being played on them this week, specifically piano), am I still good to enter? I very much hope so as i already spent time creating and recording a video for this. Please let me know, i will be posting my submission within the hour most likely if i do not hear from you.

Oh dear... that moment you realise your very first steemit openmic post didnt make it through because you didnt read the rules properly. 💔


There's time to enter! It starts on Sunday amd runs through until Friday.
Do you need help with something?


Hi Darren, thank you for your kindness. If i have any trouble I will definitely give you a shout!

My entry for openmic week 72. Im kind of dissatisfied with how it turned out but since i already posted there is no turning back. Haha.

Hello everyone!! Grateful for the opportunity to share some good music with this great community. Thanks to @luzcypher and @pfunk for the creation of the contest and for the initiative and support for the Spanish-speaking community.

Here is the arrangement of this week's theme "Viajera del Tiempo" I hope you like it!!!

Hey Luzcypher! Sunday again!
I so look forward to this every week!
Thanks for organising it!
Here's my entry. i tried my best to enter early this time.

hopefully, I could join again this time. T_T

Thanks @luzcypher for another awesome week of Steemit Open Mic. Here's my entry from @spankmetender for week 72 playing a cover of "Cantina Band/Star Wars Theme"

a very good post.
always success

Hi, here's my first well done entry for openmic. I totally forgot to post the link here as a comment, so here it is; I sang a cover for Ed Sheeran's The man

Steemit Open Mic Week 72 - original "Wheels Within Wheels" user markaustin


I can't begin to tell you
the things on my mind
so let me whisper softly now
or sing the peace, so sublime

So help your brother when you can
you know he needs from time to time
don't be afraid to reach for me
and I will help you with the rhyme

so sublime
one moment please

I don't believe it's all for nothin
there's rhyme and reason for trhe dance
to walk and talk and sing and mean it
gives a value more than chance

I believe in Love, this I know
and that fear can steal you blind
so take the time to be good to yourself
and you'll be happy all your life

so sublime
one moment please

words and music by Mark Austin copyright 1993

I can't believe people are stealing other users entries... That's just horrible... I'm glad you're on top of things @luzcypher! Keep up the amazing work dude! I'm hoping to do an entry for this week since it's been so long. ;)

Hi lovely steemians please see below link to my openmic entry week 72 I hope you would love it.

Fine fine... very good my firnds. Greetings from Venezuela.

buenas mi bro @luzcypher ygente de la comunidad steemit, en esta oportunidad mi entrada para el openmic de la semana 72 la realizé junto a mi backing band , los brothers de la "420Ensamble" en el estudio de ensayo interpretando uno de mis temas llamado "No maltripees", este es un riddim de la instrumental "Chase th devil" del cantante de reggae Max Romeo con un enfoque positivo de las cosas y con ese toque de flow caribeño directo de Caracas-Venezuela.
Algo de Reggae, hip hop y drum and bass...
Espero lo disfruten y puedan apoyarme en mi proyecto...

Buena vibra!!!

Thanks for hosting steemit open mic every week. This is my first try. Hope you enjoy this simple video. :)

hello everyone, i love this great contest and thanks to @luzcypher, I have followed the new rules from steemit open mic and here's my entry for this week hope you enjoy it.

Thank you Steemit Open Mic!
Really hope you enjoy this weeks performance!
Have an amazing day,

Thanks for putting this together @luzcypher! I just recorded a live performance last week before joining Steemit, can I submit a recording from that performance here and add the "Steemit Open Mic Week Number" disclaimer at the beginning? I haven't posted it elsewhere...

Here's my entry for this week, thanks to @luzcypher @pfunk and all the other helpers and jurors for this new opportunity

Woow... Nice post.. Good work @luzcypher

Hello Friends of Steemit, this is my participation so that you dedicate it in the valentine's Day !!:. "YOUR POET" by @henochx

Cool, we will be entering a submission very soon. What a cool community-stoked! Keep up the good work :-]

This is my entry for steemit open mic week 72 . Since this day is valentines day I will play My Valentine.

this is my entry to openmic week 72 on valentines day. I hope you like it
Perfect-Ed Sheeran

Saludos , por acá les dejo mi participación en el Open Mic Semana 72, espero puedan disfrutarlo.

Hey everyone this is my entry for this week and I hope that you enjoy it.

Greetings from Venezuela, Manu Rodriguez.

Hi Steemit colleagues here I leave my post this week I hope you like it!

thanks @luzcypher @pfunk for these contests !!!

Hello!! I´m so excited to share a song written by my brother who is also playing the guitar!

I just saw the thing about needing the username at the beginning. It's not in my video... It's cool if it is not a valid entry. Fuck the scammers.

Some people say T.G.I.F., but I say Thank God It's Sunday because that's when Steemit OpenMic starts as well as the @nowplaying-music contest of what songs I'm listening to. Once I post my openmic submission, I start to figure out what I'll play next week and start practicing. Thanks again @luzcypher for managing this amazing vehicle for music lovers. The talent here is amazing!!!

Hey guys!! This is my entry and my very first one too!!! I'm super excited, hope you like the video and thanks @luzcypher for this amazing opportunity!


Mi entrada a open mic. Esta semana les comparto un cover de una de las mejores bandas de la historia, QUEEN, con una de sus canciones más icónicas, we will rock you. Fue un reto para mí hacer este cover, sobre todo el solo de guitarra en el cello. Uno de los mejores solos de la historia (para mí como guitarrista). Fue muy, muy complicado ejecutarlo en el cello, pero bueno, humildemente aquí está. Espero les guste

Como siempre, gracias a @luzcypher y a @pfunk por tan grandiosa oportunidad en tan genial concurso.

Peace, love, music and rock'n roll ,,/ xD

This is my entry for this week. I hope you enjoyed

i love openmic


Aloha, this is my first time entering, played one of my original songs acoustic, hope you like it! Appreciate any feedback!/v/sebastianhughes/9wa98erc


Aloha, this is my first time entering, played one of my original songs acoustic, hope you like it! Appreciate any feedback


Is the cut off time every friday 12 AM UTC?

Whew lucky I always say my username in the beginning of my videos. :D

Hi, everyone! 💕💕 Here is my entry for this week. Thank you so much for the opportunity @pfunk and @luzcypher 💕💕 God bless 💕💕

Here's my entrance for this week, hope You like it!

Special Thanks to @luzcypher and @pfunk for making this great contest.

  ·  3년 전

That would be fair sir @luzcypher mentioning their user name in the video, coz there are so many scammers here since the #openmic has almost 1,000 entries per week. And also there are some post that are using #openmic tag even though its not an open mic related post. They are abusing it.

  ·  3년 전

Thanks as always for the great fun here! This is my fourth sumbission and I showed my face finally, sort of. It is a cover of Shankill Butchers.

Shankill Butchers from ljv on Vimeo.

Dear music lovers
This is my contribution to this week's open mic.

Thank you for listening!

  ·  3년 전

Another week and my another entry... Unfortunately I have seen this new rule of my username at the begining of the video so looks like my entry will not validate. Too bad I did my best anyways... Thanks for everything @luzcypher and @pfunk . And ofcourse the judges that listens to all of this entrys week after week ! You guys rock ;)

My entry in openmi week # 72 "frankcalvo