Openmic week 137 Top 5 and Mentions

6개월 전

Hello my friends, here is week 137 for those of us who love blockchain and music!

Without any more delays, here we go:

First Place.-

What can I say here? I'm a big Jimmy fan, and this just made me smile for days. The performer did decide to write the word humble in the title, but the performance was superb and heart felt. You need to listen to some cigar box Jimmy before the day is up!

Second Place.-

We all knew Cope would one day show us his true talent, and I guess the time was this week. I got goosebumps a couple of times. All I have to say is "Good job Cope!"

Third Place.-

It's hard not to get sucked in when Orslaw performs. He truly puts all his emotions out there, and I'm super happy to see he has done so with an original tune of his. I can totally hear this track completely produced.

Fourth Place.-

Well I've loved this song of Jose's for over a year now. He's one of those people who are so talented it's not even funny. Not only as a songwriter who can joust with the best of lyricists, but also as a vocalist with a superb range and control.

Fifth Place.-

And that is how you sing with feeling my friends. Beautiful performance as always from Vanne. I needed to place it this week without a doubt.

Honorable Mentions

In no particular order, these are some of the performances I loved this week.... I'm super grateful for being someone who gets to listen to this talent.

As always, I would like to express my gratitude to the different leaders and witnesses on this platform that have been supporting the @openmic contest. In no particular order:

If you love this contest, and you would like to keep it going, you could do so by supporting the witnesses that make it happen.

Don't forget to checkout the official Steemit OpenMic judges picks from @krystle @soundlegion and @verbal-d. Winners selected and announced every Monday on @luzcypher's blog page.

Long live the openmic!!!

And that is it for me and week #137!!!

But hey friend, before you leave my post musical brother or musical sister, please know that despite the fact that we call this a competition, even though my post says first, second, third place, that is not what matters about the #openmic. In the end of the day the judges are just as human, as flawed and beautiful as everyone else on this planet. The ethos of this contest, of this community, is simply for us to have special place to share our passion for music, for us to laugh together, to cry together and explore emotions that everyday life seems to neglect in one way or another.

Every single one of you is valuable to me, so thank you for being part of my musical family...

Much love

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Igual y hay un chiste en la canción, por ejemplo, el nombre de la canción fue una total cagada de la ortografía! D;
Pero la siguiente frase la hace parecer "primitiva" y por ende correcta, la deje así para que pareciese incidental pero fue que no supe decir raciocinio y dije raciosimio en el vídeo que subí el año pasado, y había pagado el estudio y todo ahaha.


Very good choice! Regards!