Open Mic Week 60 - Mogati Steemit Experiment - Nabundearé (Nicole Bunout)

3년 전

Dear Steemit Community,

We met at the Mogati Labs again. Here's what we have :) enjoy!

Hola Steemit! Esta semana nos volvimos a reunir en "Mogati Labs". Aquí está el resultado :)

Mogati Steemit Experiment - Nabundearé (Nicole Bunout)

Nabundearé en tus ojos bonitos
durmiendo al tiempo en paz
le pedire al presente
se vista de tus sueños
azulandote la eternidad

Nabundearé en tus ojos bonitos
durmiendo al tiempo en paz
le pedire al presente
que se vista de tus sueños
azulandote la eternidad

Guardaré tus ojitos
como un sueño constante
en mi almohada
en mi almohada de estrellas
me detendre al mirarte

Contributors you don't get to see in the video. :)

Ami and @amoghagarwal

@nayibmatus (account yet to be approved).

Here is the last weeks open mic post if you want to see it. :)

Mogati Steemit Experiment hopes to make cryptocurrencies a norm among artists.

Thanks to @luzcypher, @pfunk and everyone involved for making all this possible.

Contributors of this post

@amoghagarwal - audio recording
@nayibmatus - camera
@choby - bass
@kaileyzercher- violin
@matisotoaguilar - voice/guitar/production
@gokulramdas - kanjira/backing voice/production
Ami came over second half of the session and helped us with another video which will be uploaded soon :)


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Good work and the lady on bass is playing fascinating.

This is awesome. Great recording quality, all the parts are performed immaculately (especially @kaileyzercher on violin - DAMN!) and I love the vocals.


Thank you so much!

Qué INCREÍBLES SON. Qué sonido tan bonito y dulce. GENIAL!

love love love! thank you! this group brings me so much happiness

First Choby last week, now @kaileyzercher on strings this – Wow! She was magnificent! What a fine addition to makeup this lovely quartet!

Totally lovin’ @choby immersing himself in the music throughout (not to mention the ease in which he freely lets his verbal passions fly after the song ended.  :-)) – and oh, the @choby solo here was brilliant!

Love the creative camera work from @nayibmatus in this one as well. Very nicely done! – hats off to all of you including those so graciously pointed out who deserve such recognition for their collaborative efforts, artistry, and contribution toward bringing this to life!

They are REALLY AMAZING, I really love it, from now on I will follow you and invite you to follow me since I would like you to also support my musical work, visit my presentation post and I hope you like my voice. Keep it up, good work!

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What a beautiful piece of music. you guys. Thanks for sharing with us.


  ·  3년 전

oh my god did I just watched a concert!?.. beautiful!

Me encanta!!! suenan super bien juntos!! que chevere que haya un grupo de steemians que se haya unido a tocar juntos!! se conocían desde antes o se conocieron por steemit? Tienes una voz hermosa y muy calidad@matisotoaguilar! <3 definitivamente los votare! y los sigo!!! tienen un sonido increible!!!


Hola!! Nos conocemos todos de la universidad (Berklee College of Music - Boston, USA). La idea de Mogati Steemit Experiment es traer a más artistas a esta plataforma y hacer que se hagan cuentas :D jaja. Gracias por el apoyo!


Pues es una excelente idea!
Un sueño el poder estudiar en una universidad como Berklee <3 pero claro! Ustedes son super talentosos! En serio que merecen estar alli ! <3 un abrazo!

I use the google translate to understand the lyrics.
It's lovely. Like it.

you.. have a good experienced

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the instrumentation here is just top knotch guys every single player sounds so great in the pocket and flowing. the vocalist as always is just tops this is a fantastic piece top to bottom