STEEMIT OPENMIC WEEK 68 - Ojos Azules (Huayno) - Mogati + BONUS VIDEO

3년 전

Hello Steemians!!

We are so excited to be a part of this week's open mic competition :) We decided to participate this time with our arrangement of a beautiful huayno song called "Ojos Azules" (Blue Eyes). There is some controversy about the actual origin of this song. Some say its Peruvian - others say its Colombian. You are welcome to illuminate us if you know anything about this :)



Ojos azules no llores no llores ni te enamores
Ojos azules no llores no llores ni te enamores
Lloraras cuando me vaya cuando remedio ya no haya
Lloraras cuando me vaya cuando remedio ya no haya

Tu me juraste quererme quererme toda la vida
Tu me juraste quererme quererme toda la vida
No pasaron dos tres días tu te alejas y me dejas
No pasaron dos tres días tu te alejas y me dejas

En una copa de vino quisiera tomar veneno
En una copa de vino quisiera tomar veneno
Veneno para matarme veneno para olvidarme
Veneno para matarme veneno para olvidarme


Blue eyes, don't you cry,
don't you cry nor fall in love.
You'll cry when I go away,
when there is nothing left to do.

You vowed to love me
love me for your whole life.
Not even two, three days have passed,
you distance yourself and leave me.

In a glass of wine
I want to take poison,
poison to kill me,
poison to forget.


We met this week with @kaileyzercher (violin), Varun Nayyar (bass) and Julie Almer (flute) and jammed this arrangement out with them. Enjoy!!


Mogati and friends :)

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sounding beautiful, what time signature is that? I find it so alien yet so easy to fall into.


Hey! thank you :) It's in 11/8 (mostly) :D

love how you film your entries, the colors pop and a mood is so full of good feelings. great work great song construction so much talent is unreal


hey! Thank you :) we try to keep it fun!

Me encanto! transmitís mucha paz y tenes una onda excelente :D, yo también soy músico espero seguir viendo tu material saludos!

Vaya talento, éxitos!!

trabajo maravilloso! ¿la música está en compás de siete?


Hola! Está en 11/8 :D, saludos!!

I love listening to you guys perform.



Thank you @luzcypher! We love to perform for the Steemit Community!!

Maravillosa!!! Muchas Gracias !

Awesome team work guys 😍

excelente tal trabajo a de ser realizado con pasión y dedicación sigue adelante te esperan grandes metas.

Excelente interpretación, hermosa voz, buena ejecución de instrumentos.

You all are showered with real love and appreciation for elevating music to the standards that you do. I hope you all are doing well and in high spirits and health. Thank you again for all the wonderful performances, truly.

You made it in my Top 5 Judging List For Week 68
Check out the full review here.

Wow beautiful. I love the talking percussion, reminded me very much of the african talking drum, played under the arm with a hammer, the arm tensioning the head in a similar way.

What an exquisite arrangement and enchanting performance! Bravo! I also rather enjoyed the bonus track performances as well! Nice!

Hermosa cancion .. cuanto sentimiento... Paso por aca te dejo mi voto ... Sigueme !!

Que musica y voz muy bella!

Fantastic version of the song!

One day a friend asked me to help her figure out the rhythm of this song - we both struggled big time :) Eventually, we found out... Your version ROCKS!!!

beautiful song!! congratsss... please see my video and upvote pleaseeeee

great job .

Hermoso! Wow..

amazing. good performance. also you can see the good solo guitar from gary moore on my page:

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