Steemit Open Mic Week 70: Work 1, for guitar- Original composition

3년 전

Hi everyone, sorry for forgetting to say Steemit Open Mic in the video, it's been too long and I don't remember things good. This is a brand new song that I'll be fleshing out, naming and getting ready for an album I'm recording in June.

Thanks for Watching!

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Master the flesh out of it!

Very nice composition. I like it!


Real;y nice. Welcome back. We missed you.



Thanks @luzcypher, Glad to be back!

Oh, come now, Oliver... With a brilliant mind such as yours, you forgot the proper introductions? Ha! You get a pass, my friend! This is lovely!

I went in the sopirit and back with this one. Nice composition.


Thanks a bunch!

Excellent. Very good composition. Bravo!


Thanks I appreciate that