Steemit Open Mic Week 72: Solo Improvisation

3년 전

I do a lot of these improvisations both for Steemit open mic and in pretty much any public performance. This one in particular is surprisingly tonal. Typically I'll go through more experimental progressions before finishing.

Thanks for Watching

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Love it, Oliver! Such a lovely improv. You made us wait a bit for that final chord strike, and it was worth it! :-)

Another beautifully played piece.


Excellent dude! I'll wait for more.

I'd like to invite you to see my post in this contest. Hoping that you enjoy it I say good bye.

Manu Rodriguez.

Sounds really nice man. Looks like you're doing some pretty complex stuff. I don't recognize half of those chords haha


Thanks! Haha, yeah I'd have to do an analysis to be sure of a few myself. I don't typically analyze my improvisations, but if there's a specific chord or sequence you'd want to know just give me the time stamp.

Absolutely love your playing man \m/

What a brilliant improvisation friend. You're one of those I stay listening from beginning to end. Bravo!


Thanks man, I'm glad to know that!

That was Awesome!! I love it!

you are so good my friend i love your playing. hits the ears soo nicely

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Voice& music really amazing sir