Recreational Outrage at Emojis! Day 10

3년 전

Welcome to your post of the day! 🤗

Though fair warning to ye, lads and lassies; this one may frighten you, and with good reason:

The math totally makes sense.

We've all witnessed together, this month, just how many subtle, under-the-radar, subconsciously hidden messages there are in the world.

ONE influencer in particular, that hides in plain sight... Lying in wait...
At the behest of your fingertips.

This EVIL has a name:

Emojis. 🙀 😱 👻

Their Malevolent Power is summoned forth when we choose to communicate a message with one.

Emojis are patient...

Emojis are powerful...

Do NOT challenge one to a staring contest:

They're relentless. 😳

In today's entry, instead of being recreationally outraged, we're going to be...

Recreationally Terrified! 😱

Here's why:


Two emojis, placed in a very particular, specific fashion:


Together, we've witnessed the obvious ones that spark recreational outrage.

What if there was an AI program, operating within the confines of the most commonly used technological platform (cell phones), used by the greatest collective number of humans across Planet Earth?

How better to communicate important messages to us but through the modern day equivalent of cuneiform: Emojis!

That's when these two emojis jumped out and grabbed me:


The meaning of the first symbol, image credited to google:


"To give us hope..."

For what?

For that which lies below:


These numbers, their placement, and the surrounding symbols are a harbinger for the fate of our planet.

JAN 09 9:41 PM

What does this really mean?

That string of symbols...
is code for a YEAR.

JAN = Millenium, the first. So 1000
09 = Century, the ninth. So 900
9+4+1 = The year. So 14

BUT they used PM, rather than standard military time.

PM is Latin for post meridiem, when 24 hours of the day are divided into two periods. A hint; to subtract two from the above total of 14.

1000 + 900 + 14 - 2 = 1912

Now, we look at the rest of the emoji:


On the right hand side of the ticket:

1/9 9:41

Same as the left, but different!

No latin designation on this side (a hint!) to correct the time as they would in the military:

9:41 + 12 = 21:41 --> This is "military time."

(The hint provided by the secondary meaning to that yellow ribbon, above this cypher).


1/9 21:41

The perforated marks on the ticket represents the equilibration across world society and custom.

This math is performed going from the right of the screen to the left --> 1+4 = 5, and 9 - 1 = 8
As would be done in countries where Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, and Farsi are the language of the land.

The right side employs the ( + ), the left side employs the ( - ), symbolizing harmony and equilibrium in the Universe.

The last component reverts to a left to right reading of the same line as it retraces over itself:

8/2 = 4 for the month, and the 1 and the 5 join to give us the day.

The last symbol of importance on this emoji:


What could that mean?

Do they work the zones at concerts like they do in restaurants in California? Do the band members who passed all their STD tests that week get to party in Zone A?


I think the emoji creators threw this to us in no uncertain terms!

According to FEMA, Zone A means:

"Anything located in a flood ZONE A is considered to be in a special flood hazard area, and is lower than the base flood elevation."


Today's two emojis gave us first the symbol for supporting each other and to have hope.

Before WE ALL get our tickets punched, dated:

4/15, 1912.


Is A.I. communicating warnings to us through emojis?!?

Are we heading towards rising sea levels, catastrophic environmental horrors, where WE find ourselves residing on a Titanic of our own making?


THAT'S today's post to get you all recreationally terrified!

Fun with math while waking up to start the day 🙂

We'll go back to being recreationally outraged at cartoon emoji's tomorrow!


Have an amazing weekend Steemit!

@scan0017 😘

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brooooo i cant belive you strung that together thats freaking gold and needs to go viral haha. would love to pick your mind💆‍♂️ did you know that if you watch the titanic movie backwards its about a magical ship that rescues thousands of people 😂😂


"Did you know, if you watch that Titanic movie backwards it's about a magical ship that rescues thousands of people."
Brother, you just made me laugh out loud 👏🙇


haha yess .thought you would like it 🚢


i see the numbers 9 and 1 1 in there alot even if jumbled or backwards . this has been a reoccurring number in my life that im still unsure if it means warning or luck but deffinatly take precautions(puts on tin hat) an angels number ✌❤

Right bro, the math totally makes sense.

i really love your post amazingly done mavillious i love your post Resteem and upvoted!@scan007

You always making our days so fun.
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I have always used emojis and thanks to the things that you have published on each topic, every time I am interested in knowing more about each emojis.

how do you do it? Wow good indication in these emojis.

Enjoyed to read your post friend 😊 i love emojies, you are a one of guy who i see your articles about emojies.. This is one who express our feeling by emojies 💓 i apperciate your lovely work 💕 keep it up!

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Really your posts are more and more exciting and fun to read hahahaha. you found every thing to every emojis ... for every thing you publish. @scan0017

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The Emojies are a form of communication by electronic media originated in Japan and they are here to stay, they are currently used by practically all social networks, excellent post congratulations and have a happy weekend friend. Resteem and upvoted.

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I always wondered to know about this emoji 👻 Finally I came to know from your marvelous post which is no doubt is worth reading. It's seems interesting to me since I didn't read such post before.

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That awesome post. creativity idea.

I like emoji a lot with them I can express some of my moods, your publications are very good and they make me de-stress and you are also very good with math.

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If I helped you de-stress with math,
I might try walking on water for my next trick...

Ohhhh, you are very good with math, you are really fascinating my friend @ scan0017, you have a lot of logic your mathematical reasoning.

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Very cool and funny best collections.thanks for sharing

wuaooo scan0017 you are very good with maths and your publications are very good


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@scan0017 sir....
Emojies are among the indispensable methods of communication today. Billions of emoji are being used every day when people communicate with each other. The emojies, which entered into human life and become popular every day, now succeeded in coming to a more important point because they are now in the center of technology giants. When we examine the history of emojis, it is known that this communication language extends to hieroglyphs....

  ·  3년 전

really nice post sir tnx for share

We respond to them like we would genuine human face,
On the off chance that you ever wish you could connect and converse with your devotees and fans up close and personal, here's some uplifting news: An emoji may be the following best thing
Good job @scan0017 doing for steemit community,keep going to best,Alway stay happy,God bless you,keep sharing @scan0017👍👍😗

Wowww what a emojis look to man brilliant talent I like that👍🏻✅

A writer I think is someone who pays attention to the world the worst thing you write is better than the best thing you didnt write the only writer to whom you should compare yourself is the writer you were yesterday....

great work rally appreciate that and thanks for sharing

stay blessed keep it up


An excellent gift of advice!
I'll remember your words...
Thank you @muhammadhussam 🤝

" How better to communicate important messages to us but through the modern day equivalent of cuneiform: Emojis! " This is a very beautiful right sentence. emoji is equivalent to nail writing! In the past people used to deal with nail art. now they can express their feelings to each other with emojis. when you are sad, when you are happy, when you give another, you can explain it with other emojis. thanks for sharing.Have an amazing weekend @scan0017


You too!!! 🙂

You are very talented and creative. I appreciate your work.
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This is very logical my friend @scan0017. I agree with you . Following you. I am waiting for new from you .This fun Haha I wish you a good day

You are very talented and creative. I like your post.


Thank you @mrsizer 😊



As always @scan0017, you are with the amazing emojis..... I think You are the only one in steemit who’s doing Such post..... we really appreciate you work for the community and
Emoji’s are something that save us from writing alot of words..... I usually text with emojis coz i love it....and you are contributing in it
Thank you Sir for the all the these stuffs


Thank you aliza01 for your thoughtful words!

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oh god!!! I lost so many numbers hahaha I was never good with maths and its derivatives ... I congratulate you for your knowledge in the area. Greetings friend @scan0017

great writing man... 😂


Thank you brother!

yup emoji has changed our life, we can now express our expressions in the digital world and it also shortened the communication

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Great funny, nice story, amazing post, thanks for sharing

Nice funny emoji.great job.

Good u are always share something Really good keep ur efforts like this u are are doing great job @scan0017

Titanic?! Will Leonardo Dicaprio be there as well?!!! 😍😍😍




Are you still in Jamaica laying under a palm tree drinking cocktails (and whisky..) all day,
or are you back in the freezer?


Thanks for asking 😊
Back in the North Pole before heading to Los Angeles in a few weeks...
Already starting to lose my tan ☹️
On the plus side, my liver is
starting to regenerate 😀


Too bad for you, but I'm happy for your liver 😉
Stay alive over there!