Recreational Outrage at Emojis! Day 13

3년 전

There's no doubt you will absolutely agree:

That keeping the young people in your life safe from harm is a moral imperative that we all share.

Knowing this, I'm sure that the obvious meaning of this next emoji will get YOU as recreationally outraged as I am!

Think of the children!

Take a guess which one I'm referring to:


Can you figure out which of these emojis is threatening the future of our children's lives?

Which emoji brazenly puts kids in harms way?

Which emoji would have Nancy Reagan spinning in her grave, if she knew it existed?

You know exactly which one I'm talking about:

The obvious answer:

Poo emoji.


The emoji designers have such a terrifying agenda for suppressing and harming women, mocking liberal politicians, disrespecting us with the ghosts of our beloved pets, and NOW, they do not just dangle danger right before our children's eyes, they are literally pointing the way!

It's plainly obvious to woke adults:


Let's go through the thought process of your average 6 year old's head when seeing this emoji...

And how the sinister emoji makers' evil plot...

Seeks to HARM all the children
in the WORLD!!!


Here's a breakdown of that young child's thought process when seeing this emoji, and why this emoji, over all the others, poses the greatest threat to the youth of the world:

  1. Poo!

  2. HAPPY poo! (Giggle)

  3. Happy poo with BIG, DILATED pupils!...

  4. Anthropomorphized features on a pile of poo 💩 causing subconscious, positive associations with the poo... The poo 💩 is my friend!

  5. Epigenetic cues linking the happy smile and the dilated pupilsWITH the poo...

  6. I must find poo with mushrooms 🍄 growing on the poo 💩 and eat them...
    Then I can get as high as that Tesla Elon Musk just shot into space!

Ask ANY 6 year old about this emoji, and you'll get that same above answer, every single time.

THAT'S got me recreationally outraged!!!

Save the children!

Fling the poo!

Right. Into. The Waste Bin.

Seducing children with the promise and source of psychedelia is a wanton disregard for their safety and well-being.

Children should wait until at least the age of 9 before using illegal recreational substances.

Disclaimer for the idiots of the world:

These are just jokes, folks.

Don't do drugs...

Until college.

More recreational outrage at offensive emojis all month long!

Have a fantastic day Steemit!

You know I love you ❤️

@scan0017 😘

PS: Don't let the emojis trick you into using illegal substances.
Prison probably sucks.

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I love emoji & moji. They tell a story, even 6 year old can understand them. Whether that's a story about whats wrong with you, your life, your emotions, your feelings or a story about how you danced your butt off last night, those little symbols capture so much. But if you thought you were good at using emoji to tell your story, think again. You can use them to express you emotions or your point, but your story you always have to put in words. The most I love about emoji and moji is that all generations including 5,6,20,35,65...years old are using them.
This “moji” is my favorite:

Sir you trully said,emoji designers have such a terrifying agenda for suppressing and harming women, mocking liberal politicians, disrespecting us with the ghosts of our beloved pets

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"Don't do drugs... until college"


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I asked my cousin of 6 years who thought about that emoji and told me it was chocolate ice cream. I really laughed his response hahahahahahaha

jajajaj is a poop with a face, it is a happy poop, I must play with the poop haha the poop is my friend. Rays not hahahaha

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esta en peligro el futuro de nuestro niños, pronto hay que hacer algo para salvarlos. jajaja poop is crying

My favorite emoji, I knew what was behind those eyes and that nice smile, a poop drugged omg, lol.



'Children should wait until at least the age of 9 before using illegal recreational substances.'


That's what I did.
Does it show?


What should I say... 😁

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