Recreational Outrage at Emojis! Day 14

3년 전

Our "Tumble Down the Rabbit Hole" of recreational outrage at offensive emojis continues!

Can be more clever than the average bear!

Will YOU let yourself be unknowingly influenced or swayed in your thoughts by the powers that be?

Those powers, referring to, of course, the omnipotent beings who seek to enslave the planet by twisting our bright, fertile, happy minds towards their malevolently desired, destructive patterns...

By innocuously guiding us towards channels of behavioral harm against the female gender, young innocent children, and in today's post, even ourselves...

Via the undisputed,
worldwide PLAGUE of:


I'm so Recreationally Outraged that it's nearly making me giggle as this critically important message is shared with the world!

Hence the nod towards Lewis Carroll with the Rabbit Hole reference:


Creepiest image ever;
credited to google images.

Ditto with the next quote: (Why retype when there's a screenshot available?) 🧐😁


Both quotes apply; after all,
This is what you came here for...

For the FUN! 😀

In getting recreationally outraged at these emojis that seek to, in today's case, lead women AND men into harm's way...

Try and guess which emoji carries THAT evil intention:


Here's the answer:






This image has me so recreationally outraged I'm all sweaty again!

And not because of where he's staring.

Can't fault a cartoon for having excellent taste with a view to match.

Instead, we should ALL be recreationally outraged because of the activity these emojis are promoting:

Rock climbing!?!

Haven't they seen 127 Hours?!?


Don't let the emojis subconsciously lead you on a trip where
"No Limbs Left Behind!"
isn't written on the brochure...


Who loves you?!?

This guy, right here: @scan0017

Read, LEARN, and recognize these evil emojis, and the harm they seek to bring upon you and your loved ones.

Have an incredible Thursday Steemit!

@scan0017 😘

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Funny emoji , I already watched the movie 127 Hours since 6 years from now I think it wonderful .
Thank you @scan0017 forsharing I love you

well i am a bit busy i will read it later but for reminder i will restreem it thanks for sharing

woww haha its really fun watching these emojis.. <3 <3
resteemd :)

Funny emoji @scan0017
Thank you for sharing .. ^^
Resteemed done

Emoji and emojis every where .funny post


niec movie and very funny emojis.

Really said sir,Those powers, referring to, of course, the omnipotent beings who seek to enslave the planet by twisting our bright, fertile, happy minds towards their malevolently desired, destructive patterns

Ahahah funny emoji :)) Again resteemed and vote ! :) @scan0017

Amazing post and wonderful pictures
I love you @scan0017
Upvote and Resteem

Lmao its really funny im enjoying ur post you are alwsys great man keep it up

Also your every post is awesome its its touch my heart i pray for ur good future 😍😍😍

Thanks for sharing with us ur lovely post @scan0017

Wow amazing emojis and their meanings. I liked so I resteemed your post ❤️

thanks for this restreem

very good post this day, we are still waiting for more of these exciting observances and entertainment.

very cute emoji of the day..!!
i would like to resteemed ^_^

I've really been reading and learning about harmful and dangerous emojis thanks to you scan0017. upvote y resteemed

excellent emojis and funny story.
i like this video. carry on.

this great post I appreciate your funny post thanks for sharing this story.. best of luck

hahaha, very funny @ scan0017, is a really risky emoji.

Upvote and resteem

I can say that 127 hours left me a great learning, I do not know what it was but I think I left it. Hahaha

Odio mi traductor, no me deja expresar bien lo que quiero.

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Cool emojii 😍
upvote and resteem

cute emojis with double meaning, sometimes they are so tender that we do not notice that they could lead us to really commit crazy things hahaha

hello scan0017 as always very good job I congratulate you. upvote and resteem

First comment :) Resteemed and upvoted @scann0017

Total danger are these emojis for both men and women, I love you @ scan0017.

upvote and resteemed

very exciting this month of the emojis every time, I like to use them much more now.

brother you are very good to make me laugh, I have a lot of fun with your occurrences and the emoji is dangerous for both genders.

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I also love you hahahaha regards dear @scan0017 df21314e63d90e53db0a2906db65f061--guys-heart.jpg

Great funny post..thanks for sharing...

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The wonderful post. it is great :). thanks for sharing
100% like and resteem

That awesome post. creativity idea & funny story & video.

Woohoo.....Excellent climbing emofi's woooww...
Great post @scan0017

@scan0017, Ohhh my goodnesss.....Fantastic post forever handy guy.
I want to ask you how you build up 6 packs of your body :D
You wanna me rockyyyyy.... Need to hiking using emoji's.


Wow...adventure sporting emoji collections your created bro...
Such amazing productivity. I like to see any of blogs of you.
Your earn me great smile from your blogs.

Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

Thank u @scan0017 for sharing such a funny emoji.

resteem and upvote friend lovely

I saw 127 hours and I was a bit traumatized with the mountains and climbing. get stuck and have to cut my arm ._. !!!!
we also love you so much your followers @scan0017

really cute and beautiful emijoos mavillious resteemed!

Lovely emoji...😍☺

very good story, i really liked posting @scan0017.

totally funny emoji, they are very funny and also very evil jajajajaja @ gracias @ scan0017

Nice funny collections . wonderful post And creative ideas
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Creative thought . wonderful writing experience.
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