STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 43: Léon (der Profi) Soundtrack: Sting - Shape of my heart (Cover by senzenfrenz/brudaj)

4년 전


Hey steeming people,

this weeks entry for openmic contest is a cooperation from @brudaj and @senzenfrenz (which is me;). I hope you will have a listen right here (more explanations below):

I did several soloist playing in the last few weeks and now decided to go for some coops with friends of mine. Some of them I could even introduce to steemit, as it was the case with my friend brudaj (so check him out). I also would like to get in touch with more steemian-musicians from my region for some more nice music, so if you are living in Germany near to Cologne/Bonn feel free to contact me.

This time Brudaj and myself did a melancholic song from the famous "sting" and it's called "shape of my heart".
It is also known as a soundtrack from the great movie "Léon" or "Leon der Profi (german title)" with fourteen-year-old Natalie Portman and Jean Reno.
We like this movie a lot and the song means a lot to us. We love listening to songs from Sting and "The police" therefore we decided to choose one of those.
We took it down for guitar, cello and nice voice of brudaj and even for some backgroundvocals of mine;)

Thanks a lot for listening, upvoting, commenting, resteeming, means a lot to us! Enjoy!

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I'm not a Sting fan but I love this song so much. Especially the chorus, it just really gets me. That's a very sweet sound you have there that captures the feel of the original. Upped and followed :)


Thank you!!

I recently started following you, and your posts are awesome :) keep it up! @ronaldmcatee


Thank you, followed you back!


keep doing it bro, spread love .. and i am with you

For a minute there I thought you were going to begin without saying Steemit Open Mic 43 but then you did right on cue.

Very nice entry and you sing harmony and play so well. Thanks for joining in on the fun and it's good to see Steemians collaborating together.


Thank you for offering the opportunity to do so! It is really much fun:)

This is the first time I've seen a guitar/cello combination. I love how you play the cello like a bass, @senzenfrenz! And @brudaj your voice suits Sting very well. :)

We love that song and you did a great job of it.


Thank you!

Quite nice gentlemen... I liked the dual sipping of beer prior to commencing what is obviously a great performance by both of you... Cheers!


Thanks for your reply!

Great collaboration guys!


Thank you!