STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 47: "One and One" original Song written and performed by brudaj and senzenfrenz

4년 전

Hey Guys,
down below is our new entry for openmic week 47!


As you already know, I like to collaborate with other steemians. So after doing some solo piano stuff last week, this time it was a great pleasure to have Jakob visiting me all the way down from hannover and doing another original song together with him!
In the meantime we really apreciate being part of the contest that runs well thanks to host and support by @luzcypher and @pfunk!
It's really much fun, thank you for that!

And thanks again for all the upvoters, comments and followers of our last weeks posts. We hope you like our new song aswell!! Thank you for your support!

"One and one" (lyrics and music by @brudaj/ @senzenfrenz)

I am through
doin' what I do
going on, standing strong,
going on, but I don't know where I belong.

It's alright
tryin' to be ok
Don't know why I shed a tear,
All I know, I know I want you here.

All I see is you and me
don't you think that we can be
one and one
oh I'll be waiting, waiting here for you
we'll be together!

And my mind
turns around in swirls
still I don't know, what to say
all I know, the world turns day by day.

All I see...

Break my heart
take my soul
oh I don't mind
where we go
shootin' up or falling down low

So I set
my feet down to the ground
another trip down the road
I see the light, into the sun is where I go

All I see...

Thanks for your upvote, comment, resteeming, subscribing @brudaj and @senzenfrenz!!

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Great song guys! Felt like this could've been an unreleased Hall & Oates track :)


Shame on me, don't know about those Hall and Oates, have to do some researching;) Thank you very much for your comment and upvote!!


We'll invade you don't like them I meant it as a compliment! They're one of the best songwriting duos. You're welcome :)


I understood it as so;) Thanks:)

**I am in the world feeling my way to light 'amid the encircling gloom.' **

- Mahatma Gandhi


Thank you for this, wise old man!

Very nice song guys sounds very professionally recorded. You did a great job together. Great composition.

Cheers !!!


Thank you!

Ahhh good job guys! you came out with a hit!


Thank you very much for your evaluation!

The harmonizing is amazing.


Thank you! We really spent some time on the chords;)

Both of you gents have much to be proud of in creating this piece of music… this is a wonderful composition and fine performance! Bright, uplifting, and insightful… Loved it!


Thank you very much for your upvote and this motivating reply!

Very nice song, especially the verse and the two voices in the chorus!

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Thank you for being awesome!


Read it here.

Nice one guys.



Thanks! Nice contest;)

pretty damned good, loved the harmonies as well.


Thank you! In fact, it is not too unimportant for us to work out the harmonical structure of a song;)