OpenMic Week 72 - @soundlegion official Judges Picks - Top 5 - Honorable Mentions - Top Picks List

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Steemit Open Mic Official Judges Post Week 72

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Steemit Open Mic Week 72 - See Who Played - Part 2

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Week 72 Top Picks List

*Scoring 8.5 or higher

@puralife @branhmusic @etemi @zipporah @kayclarity @storycharlemagne @dominiqueguitars @pedromrmouraoto @nathankaye @innerdialogue @javierdunn @jesuszoliz @benleemusic @stanhopeofficial @chimtivers96 @solburgos @guifaquetti @danshawmusic @yulita @pechichemena @dreamrafa @orrslaw @drewley @oliverwaterman @trevorpetrie @chimtivers96 @beeflomein @vera.carla @rial17 @guifaquetti @abyni @jese @jesusbatallar @abelfernandez @edenmichelle @jgvinstl @disclaimerhffmn @mrjl @mrbloom @digitalopus @art-mess @lyon89 @adreini @gabrielamenesesq @mrprecious @wilins 

Week 72 Honorable Mentions

 "RISE UP" - collaboration bw @ + @danieldyemusic ORIGINAL song --- by @benleemusic 

 Eleanor Rigby (Beatles) --- by @pedromrmourato 

" A special shout out to @pedromrmourato this week.   Last week there performance would not play for me and I was unable to include them in my top picks post.   After graciously being guided to a video I could watch I am very blown back of course as everyone else was by the incredible talent.   "Frozen" was a fantastic performance and this week you guys shined again.    We have a rule that a contestant cannot place twice in a row so I cannot put you in my top 5 this week, but your getting huge shouts this end from @soundlegion, a big welcome to you guys and one hell of a performance yet again. "

 / Mandolín --- by @solburgos 

I really struggled picking my top 5 this week.   It could easily been anyone of you guys in the mix.   I was so blessed by the music this week from my side.   Really feeling you all.  Congrates on some absolutely fantastic entries this week!!

Week 72 Official @soundlegion Top 5


"absolutely so hard for me to decide spots this week and slipping in here at the end of my top 5 is @innerdialogue,  what a great vocal and piano performance, I really felt the energy off of the vocalist as she gave them lyrics some great attention and emotion.  "

 Alicia Keys If I ain't got you COVER (click on video and it will open) --- by @innerdialogue 


" So for me I absolutely love the cranberries and florence and the machine, these are two of my all time favorite musical acts and this girl brings it with the vocals.   She give us a performance each week that blows me up out of my seat and has me saying hell yeah!! love her"

 "Going Down To The River"- Doug Seegers, Cover By From Here --- by @puralife 


"@zipporah joins us again this week bringing another original masterpiece of hers.   She has an absolutely stunningly clear vocal and delivers to perfection a quality sound that is not forgotten.   Much love to this artist I am a fan"

 – 'Home Tonight' (Original Song) --- by @zipporah 


" A voice with so much power and so much beauty I am just in love with @etemi "



"This guys rocked it out!! I was loving the slide guitar work and them killer vocals absolutely giving us this song.  I love the tune and he had it was nailed down tight right here with flavor and instrumental awesomeness"

 Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Cover) - naTHAN Kaye - FIRST EVER ENTRY --- by @nathankaye 


"I was incredibly moved by the soul in this performance.   The vocals were fantastic and moving and the guitar work was lovely.   you guys really pulled out an emotion in this cover that touched my heart and my skin"

 story of my life acoustic cover by  --- by @dominiqueguitars 

Thanks for checking out my top 5 picks for Week 72

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thanks for shearing sir,nice music.upvote and resteemed

OMFG! I made number 2 on your list!
That's amazing!
And those uplifting compliments about my performance give me tingles!

Thank you so, so, so much!

I'm so honoured that you were diggin' it that much!

What a fantastic welcome to my first week entering openmic!
Blessings and good vibes to you @soundlegion !

Great picks my dear friend, this week was outstanding once again


Beautiful, verbal-d we waiting on your list. Smiles

Thanks for the mention.

Nice selections from last week!!! We are so excited to participate this week for the openmic, here's our participation!!! Hope you like it!!

Too cool to see I was at 8.5 or higher!

Many thanks for taking the time out of your week to judge the open mic!

class this songs

Yes!!! And now for the first time came on her list... I need a bullet in my head right now! Every week openmic gets tougher and for every time I do not come out on a judge list ask myself why and try to improve, getting into details of what they look for in an artist..Unfortunately it will always be subjective, Been On your list this week out of so many entries makes me feel truly recongnized and special Thanks maam and to all dah judges in dah building!!! Jah bless y'll


@etemi you are so amazing! You have def made my lists before, you should go back and see. I have had you in honorable mentions a couple times and possibly in my top 5. You are quite memorable. I love your work. the talent each week is so good, its really the mood of the judge on that week. So many could be chosen, we all like to put our thoughts down and come up with the best possible choices for winner circle. @luzcypher does a great job rounding out what should place and not each week. For me lots of factors go in, I listen to voice and instrumentation and song choice, if its original or cover, I pay attention to delivery and lighting and audio, and over all attitude and feel the performance gives. I try to put myself in the head of other listeners bringing together a list that reflects all the best sounds that week. So many people dont get in my list and later I think damn they should have been in there that was just so good, its hard giving praises to everyone each week with so many great entries. This end I sit back and enjoy each entry and try to decide which one pulled my feels up most. Talent all around. blessings to you and I look forward to more performances from your end.


Wow.. Are you for reals. Smiles. Damn forgive my ignorance my bad, and yes I can understand how much work you guys have to put, out of hundreds of entries sometimes I put myself in your shoes though judging a show its a really difficult task to do knowing that you have your personal life and always need to bring a list out every week and yes I really do appreciate that you and some judges recongnize my act nothing makes an artist feels happier than been recongnized, so thats why even when I dont make top 5 from each judge I always check out for honourable mentions and top picks and also ask myself what went missing from my video if I am not amongst the previous winners... Yeah I know, sometimes it depends on the mood but surely its a show and everyone wouldnt get to top 5,so I dont get hard feelings when that happens it doesn't make me feel less, it only makes me keep learning and keep pushing to be a better singer... And thanks for the hint too.. Once again I apologize like man I just remembered..!!!

nice music image source photo. I enjoyed your music video.

Beyond grateful for the gift of your support @soundlegion! After safe-guarding these songs for so long, too afraid to really let the world hear them — to be so well-received by this community is incredibly healing. 🙏🏼 THANK YOU! 💜

Such great entries this week!

These are amazing. Congratulations to all who got in!~ Keep it up, guys!~ God bless you always!~

I'm so happy i made it to the very top of your list @soundlegion... and the fact that you enjoyed our rendition makes me fulfilled...
Thanks so much soundlee☺☺
We'll definitely keep working hard so that we can keep bringing it home... Thanks again!

Thanks so much for the mention @soundlegion! Always grateful for your support. Cheers!

Wow, thank you for such good picks! There are so amazing artists here! I get so motivated! Thank you all for that inspiration. And thank you for your kind words. Let's see what we bring this week! :) With love/Jonna

wow you pick incredible performance and i listening them one by one and really enjoy listening, thanks for sharing such amazing performances with us, Stay blessed