Steemit Open Mic - Week 68: Novocain (Original Song)

3년 전

Hey guys! I've been gone for a while as I've been real busy writing my new book (now on Amazon) which includes a few pages about Steemit! The book is called, Cryptocurrency Trading 101: How You Can Profit in Vastly Changing Times.

BUT! Now I'm back this week with an original song! This one's called Novocain. I hope you like it! Lyrics below.

Time is the only medicine
You're the clock and I've got somewhere to be
Which direction am I heading in?
You're the map but I'm not ready to leave


What kind of mud am I stepping in?
You're the laces but they're starting to knot
What kind of love am I believing in?
You're my heart but it's just all that I've got


Thank you so much for listening guys! It's good to be back!


I have been invited to do live painting at the Crypto Psychedelic Conference in Tulum, Mexico on February 3rd! Unfortunately Bittrex exchange has locked up all my bitcoin and so I cannot withdraw any of my money! I would love to go be a part of this thing and plug our steemit openmic while I'm there! If you can, please see my gofundme here. Anything helps. Thank you!


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I still can't get over how talented you are


You're such a sweetheart @lucybanks! Thank you!


You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote! I just ask for a Follow in return!

oh man you just killed it my friend! great original song, incredible vocals and love the playing, great chorus the way you draw out the lyric and the playing so controlled and pulsed. ooooo eatin it up


Thanks so much @soundlegion! Means a lot!

Hello! I am Akpan, and I work with a renowned curation guild in this community. Your post got featured in my weekly Curator Remark Anthology and I thought you might want to check out why I picked your post among the hundreds I go through on an average week.

Yeah, I am human curator, not a bot ;-)


Wow, thank you so much @misterakpan! I read through the post--such kind and motivating words. Following you now, looking forward to further Steemit interaction with you! Thanks again.

Yo, you went above and beyond on this one. I can barely see you amongst the stardust bro! Come back down to earth for a visit lol

You made it in my Top 5 Judging List For Week 68
Check out the full review here.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

"the Crypto Psychedelic Conference" - gotta love that! What a crazy world!

Great song and performance. Subbed you on YouTube and giving you a vote for sure. Even more so as we have the same guitar. :-)



Yes, gotta love the Taylor, man! Thanks!

This is cool man!! Upbeat and vibing all the way! loved the middle break down too! Excellent song writing!


Thanks man!

Love this performance.



Thanks for hosting @luzcypher! It's great to be back!

Man... Let me rate this.
Vocals- 98%
Lyric- 90%
Video- 99.9999%

I love this performance, I am resteeming this.


Thank you so much! Following you now, looking forward to listening to your music @papaudeme!

Loved this, man! Glad you're back and the best of luck with your book, brother!


Thanks a lot @passion-ground! Glad to be back!

This is great man, you're doing good.


Thanks, I appreciate it!

Beautiful sound and very nice song @stanhopeofficial

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That was really really brilliant! 👏👏👏


Thanks a lot!

...nice job, excellent original for sure!!...

...congrats on the book & best of luck in Mexico!!...

...Peace & Light....Steem On!!...

happy today for you!

Awesome video ..

Hello friends
I like your music . It is very special.
Thanks for sharing!


Thanks a lot!