Hola community!

We are happy to announce that STEEMIT OPEN MIC is back!

open mic.png

If you are a musician or a singer, we welcome YOU to join the WEEKLY contest STEEMIT OPEN MIC. Also, everyone who loves music as much as we do is welcome to listen to all the great tunes our community is producing here #openmic

This contest is in collaboration with the Venezuelan Dtube community @vdc and... (WAIT AND SEE)


For 149 weeks, the contest was one of the most prominent on Steemit and loved by many of us. Steemians from all around the world were showing us their talent. After 10 months of inactivity, we would like to start it again.


  • Entries are starting NOW until FRIDAY JUNE 12 / 12.00 PM UTC Time
  • You need to start the video with STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 150 / SEMANA 150
  • You mention your STEEMIT username in the video
  • 1 Entry per person per week
  • You can sing without an instrument! (NEW)


Except for getting GREAT upvotes for your submission, we also want to hand out prizes to the winners. These will be split in and CASH prizes and big upvotes from our curation accounts. The list of SPONSORS for this contest will be announced in upcoming posts! Stay tuned! (If you like music and also want to support this contest as an OFFICIAL SPONSOR, contact @ciska on discord here: Ciska#3997) Your name will be mentioned in every post about this contest!

These are some of the artists that I know play music or sing, we would LOVE to welcome you!
In case you know somebody who plays music or sings, please let them know!


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Excelente; con su autorización voy a traducir este post para que los usuarios músicos y cantantes de la comunidad hispanohablante también se enteren.


For clarifications sake, is there a specific style required (i.e. classical submissions: yay or nay)? And can instrumentalists submit (without vocals)?

  ·  작년

Classical instruments is a YAY. Surprise me - Only instruments: YAY
If the people who play the instrument will speak out their name its ok, or something that we know that they are the real deal! THANKS


Todas los géneros musicales son válidos para participar; se revisará en atención si existe plagio artístico por eso es importante que antes de iniciar su presentación mencione su nombre de usuario y la semana del concurso. 2do.- Todos los músicos pueden realizar sus presentaciones en instrumental o cantadas si así lo desearen, ambas entradas son válidas.

  ·  작년

This is a great news for sings users... i preparated my particpation now... Regards from Venezuela.

  ·  작년

We really hope it is! gracias chica!

What happiness I feel!
This is the best news of the day.

This has been the most satisfying talent contest that has given steem blockchain users.

The musicians have a party!

Is there an official account for Steemit OpenMic?


Thank you Juan! We hope it will be amazing for Steemians and music artists!

We have only positive responses from the community and seems like everyone here like it! Let us all have a STEEMING party!

For the moment, @steemingcurators will be hosting it in collaboration with @vdc. But we are planning to make an official account only for the event! Stay tuned


Great news!
Let us all have a STEEMING party!

Hello @steemingcurators. You can use this banner if you think it's good enough. I can make many more of such for other initiatives.



Hi @tolustx thank you so much for making this nice banner! Yes if you like you can make more! If possible, banner sizes like 468 x 60 –728 x 90 would also be very nice! Thank you!!

I'll be participating in the open mic contest soon.

I used to participate back when it was organized by @luzcyfa


We really hope you participate! We have upvotes from 35$ for the winner and every participant get upvotes too! Hope you are all good! See you soon!

Thank you for your post! You got upvoted by the @steemingcurators with massive help from @steemcurator02!
Want to participate in more challenges on Steemit? Check our latest posts for more info! Thanks for #steeming
@cryptokannon ~ @ciska

excellent news successes in this new stage!

Great news, I'd like to be part of this initiative, I'm new around here...I'd like to know if you can use music tracks...I'm just learning to play guitar.

excelentes noticias, me gustaria ser parte de esta iniciativa, soy nuevo por gustaria saber si se pueden usar pistas musicales?


Hi don't know what you mean with only music tracks? You have to sing yourself or play an instrument!

FYI, this's a fraud and open mic's spirit continues on Hive at

This is great news!

We will be happy to support Open Mic with some upvote prizes.

The Steemit Team

  ·  작년

A big thank you very much!

Fraud Warning: This is NOT a legitimate "Open Mic" account as previously delivered. DO NOT share your files, private keys or funds with this initiative. It is FRAUD using a version of identity theft.

great news

Oh, my God. what fabulous news!
Thanks to all who make it possible, I'm ready to delight me with all the participants.

Fck I forgot the beneficiaries to set on @littledisciples and @thegreens. SORRY but you WILL receive these rewards! Thanks for all you do

Now is one of those times that I envy good singers. I hope I can participate with my amateur singing. This is great news though! Good job!

I'm glad to know that open mic is back

Thanks very much @steemingcurators for your support. This is also another interesting field for our lovely musicians and singers. Thanks for this initiatives.

  ·  작년

Thank you sir!

This is cool

  ·  작년

It is right!!

I am joining this contest, i hope i can sing very well to come as a winner. But question is that please what is STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 150 / SEMANA 150? Is it an instrument? or?

  ·  작년

No semana is Spanish! It means the week that it is already going! The contest exists for 150 weeks now :)


Oh!! That is very serious! Thanks for this explanation?

I am also trying to participate, great news that it is back again

  ·  작년


I am happy this is back

Estupenda participación @steemingcurators son buenas noticias.

This is straight theft again, I was a judge of steem open mic for years - you don't own rights to or control the open mic account.

You have got to be fucken kidding me, open mic stopped and SGL started anyone with a fucking clue know's this - it continued with the same team and sponsors that remained of open mic, you have just censored them so you can't see them all telling you.

@pfunk was the original sponsor, then @ausbitbank, @isaria, myself and many others chipped in, cause shitty steemit never once reached out to support our amazing community of musicians - instead the community you ripped off came together to support and grow the music community to the point we had over 800 entries a week.

To think you and your team could ever foster and support a community to this extent is a fucking joke, you have no care for the people entering and you have again stolen something that doesn't belong to you - this is fucking pathetic

I will be tipping the winner of this contest with 1000 star tokens and some 100 pumpcoins because it's on da weekend and i feel generous...just mention me when the results are released and i will do the necessary

So you're just going to steal that then, and not even reset the week count ? This competition has nothing to do with the original openmic - these cunts STOLE FUNDS FROM THE ORIGINAL OPENMIC TEAM.
Fuck all of you scumbags still endorsing this scam platform


Myself and other parts of the openmic team tried to get official endorsement from Steemit Inc for YEARS. Head of community engagement ignored multiple emails, direct messages whilst publicly giving lip service and telling us to send more info. Fuck you guys.

Excelente iniciativa!... que bueno que está de regreso, hay muchos y muy buenos cantantes en la plataforma. en buena hora, equipo @steemitblog, @steemcurator01 y comunidad @vdc...