Steemit open mic144🎤 |¿Quién soy yo?- who I am? (cover) | sub-english✍


Hi open mic, hello Dtubers, hello to the entire Steemit platform!

It is a pleasure to accompany you in this great community of talented musicians and friends. This week is special and a bit unusual on my part, and by saying this I want to refer to that I never share in public singing this style, I put it as a challenge and I found it fun, it's amazing how certain styles get in your mind and you They keep pace LOL. The author of the song is Brazilian so I had to pass it to Spanish to interpret it. I am a follower of this singer for 9 years and I loved it because by then I was very small like me.


I want to thank and congratulate the judges for their effort and dedication to OPEN MIC for their perseverance during these 2 years. CONGRATULATIONS!

@krystle @soundlegion y @verbal-d @meno @passion-ground

Thanks to the witnesses who support the work of the musicians and to each person who reads and decides to leave their comments. It's great every time they pass. Thanks for rating!

@ausbitbank @aggroed @curie @pfunk @helpie @c-cubed @ocd

I also want to mention who constantly accompanies me every week in the open mic and does a good job with audio and video editions @carlosaguila , especially for the patience that LOL has for me ...


Hola open mic, hola Dtubers , hola a toda la plataforma de Steemit!

Es un gusto acompañarlos en esta gran comunidad de talentosos músicos y amigos. Esta semana es especial y un poco inusual de mi parte, y al decir esto quiero referirme a que nunca suelo compartir en público cantar este estilo, lo puse como reto y me pareció divertido, es increíble como ciertos estilos se meten en tu mente y te hacen seguir el ritmo LOL. El autor de la canción es Brasileño por lo que tuve que pasarla a español para interpretarla. Soy seguidor de este cantante desde hace 9 años y me encanto porque para aquel entonces era muy pequeño al igual que yo.


Quiero agradecer y felicitar a los jueces por su esfuerzo y dedicatoria al OPEN MIC por su constancia durante estos 2 años. FELICITACIONES!

@krystle @soundlegion y @verbal-d @meno @passion-ground

Gracias a los testigos que apoyan el trabajo de los músicos y a cada persona que lee y decide dejar sus comentarios. Es genial cada vez que pasan. Gracias por valorar!

@ausbitbank @aggroed @curie @pfunk @helpie @c-cubed @ocd

También quiero mencionar a quien constantemente me acompaña cada semana en el open mic y realiza un buen trabajo con ediciones de audio y video @carlosaguila , sobre todo por la paciencia que me tiene LOL…

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This is a powerful performance by you @vanne, you have some chilling moments.

I have added you to my Official Judge's Review For Open Mic Week # 144

Please read the review in full here.

  ·  작년

Thank you @verbal-d . What a pleasure it was accepted by you :)
I'll be glad to see the publication, thank you very much! regards!

  ·  작년

Hi vanne,

This post has been upvoted by the Curie community curation project and associated vote trail as exceptional content (human curated and reviewed). Have a great day :)

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  ·  작년

curieeee <3

Este estilo te queda. Suenas bastante bien😊

  ·  작년

chamooo estabas perdidooo! @dinaudic JAJAJA no me imagino una carrera profesional con este estioo, pero como dije : fue muy divertido LOL.


Estaba perdido, ya no. 😏
jajaj pero empieza a imaginarlo.

Hi, @vanne!

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I'm amazed by the power of your voice, you're a natural talent in my opinion. Keep up the good work and congratulations on the curie.

  ·  작년

Thank you very much for joining me @erikah , I appreciate your words, Greetings! :)

Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community!

  ·  작년

ey !!! thank you!!! @ArtzOne

buen cover chica cantas muy lindo, suerte y exitos!!!

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