The Power of Water - Part 2 - Openschool (IB Physics and A-Level Physics exam preparation)

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Let's discover how pumped storage hydroelectric systems allow to adapt to fluctuations in demand of an electricity grid. This exploration will be carried out under the form of a past exam exercise.

In this video , we will look at a past paper based exercise related to hydroelectric energy production. (IB Physics SL Chapter 8, A-Levels: Energy and Power).

Click on the picture below to launch the video, then pause when questions arrive. Take pen, paper and calculator, and try to figure out the answers by yourself as if you were sitting in the exam itself. Then resume the video to verify your working. For each question a description of the mark attribution is provided allowing you to evaluate yourself.

You can also try to carry out the exercise in its entirety before watching the video:

The openschool aims at providing access to free quality education for all, whatever the social status or location.

Please visit this post to learn more:
The Open School Project, the 1st high school of the Blockchain!

The idea is still in development. For example, we originally thought about providing only streaming videos to allow live interactions with students. However, it became evident that not all teachers around the world have the internet bandwidth necessary for quality streaming. So now, the open school is also widely opened to teachers producing video resources offline as long as these directly relate to an official program taught in schools. All topics are welcome.

If you wish to participate, post a video or live lesson and use the #openschool tag.

If you wish to help students gaining access to these resources, please consider resteeming openschool videos.

if you wish to encourage teachers to post, please consider delegating SP to the @openschool. (Feel free to contact @muphy on discord for further information). After curation, the @openschool will upvote the videos created by teachers and that are aimed at helping students.

If you wish to get more involved, and work in expanding the @openschool network, feel free to contact @muphy on discord.

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I’m @muphy (see
intro post),
My life revolves around music production, teaching sciences, and discovery through travel.
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Sir I appreciate your efforts and I hope that you will succeed in your mission to provide free education. Keep doing good work.


Thank you @danyalqureshi. The challenge is to reach students. Teaching privately these subjects, I know how valuable these videos can be for the right student!

Great! I look forward to more of these.

Also, consider uploading them to Dlive as well (you can upload videos there as well!)

You will still have 25% taken for curation (as with any steemit post) but they don't take an additional 25% like dtube. :)


Hi Eric, nice to hear from you.

What? DTube takes away 25% of the reward? For real?

The thing is I don't want to spam my followers: Posting on DLive and Dtube creates 2 posts on Steemit... So I have to make a choice...

For DLive, I have a problem with my cpu for streaming live... It's an i7 2nd generation with 8GB RAM (Laptop from around 2010). For the format I wish (with all plugins and apps that need to be open), I reach 60% cpu, so if I add streaming, the computer gets in a non reliable state... with risk of freezing ... I record my vids in one go, as if I were live, but can't stream even If I have the bandwidth to.

DTube is more convenient and reliable in terms of uploading (let's be honest). Of course DLive being younger, it is understandable. Yet if DTube take 25% of the rewards, this is just an abusive ripoff and DLive will see me back sooner than expected despite the developments still need to be made.
Can you guide me to the source of this info?


This just a random web search. I have only posted a few times on dtube but from what the regulars on there say, yes dtube takes 25% for hosting the videos on top of the 25% taken for curation.

I understand not wanting to make two posts... That is actually a reasonable argument for wanting to channel your content.

Just let me know, whatever works for you!



Hi Eric, Thanks. I'll have to check this out by studying / comparing my payouts from DTube and DLive... If it confirms, I'll sure put DLive on the front list... I am surprised to have never encountered a post about this issue, while so many are using DTube...

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Have a nice day. :)

You are brilliant sir. Keep supporting him. One should get highest marks from your lessons.


Thank you for the kind words. Higher marks and higher understanding, that is the goal!


Exactly. Well said

You are doing a great job sir. This is real school on steemit, preparing people to sit for any exam anywhere in the world in relevant fields. Av got to follow up ASAP


Thank you @austinebizzy. I look forward to your first #openschool video!

Great second part continuing from where we left off great to learn something new today :)


Not really @blazing, it is just another exercise on a similar topic. Did you try it?