## Open school: A moving Train (come along friends)

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Hi steemians. This is an update on the activities of the open school, and a call for you to come along. For the past few months, we have been having an unconventional lesson every week with the transmitting teacher from the Netherlands and the receiving teacher in Nigeria. Students in this low-income community constantly have to see and understand physics beyond their immediate environment.


[Image credit @muphy]

What do I mean? Each lesson, they are introduced to the physical applications of physics and not just the abstract they are used to.
We have been having series of lessons on work, energy, power and their relationship.
The students now understand how energy can be transformed to work. When @muphy explained power last week or so, I could see the excited in the faces of the students as they were able to understand the concept.

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[open school: Today 07/05/2018]

Today we discussed black body radiation and the student were able to calculate the temperature of the Sun. it was an awesome learning experience for the students.

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[image: [open school: Today 07/05/2018]]

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[image: [open school: Today 07/05/2018]]

Last week @muphy posted the first white paper(V1.0) paper in which the vision of the open was clearly explained.
It is indeed a big project which can become an unstoppable force. You too can be a part of this. Are you a teacher, lover of education, you have passion for touching lives, or simply out of love for humanity and the next generation? You can read through the white paper above to see in what capacity you can also be part of this. Contact @muphy and/or @obakhamik on discord and we will be very glad to welcome you.

Follow @openschool to also show your support.

Thank you all and stay blessed as you make impact

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