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Today was an awesomely amazing day. @muphy introduced the concept of the open school on the blockchain. I am happy that we were able to stream live physics lesson on “work and energy” here in Africa (Nigeria). It was an exposure experience for my students and they were able to learn something new. The incredible thing is that they get to learn for free. Thanks to you all for supporting this project through your upvote and donations. I am @obamike, a volunteer teacher at a public primary school in a low income community in my country. I also work to ensure we provide quality education for all students across the world and that is what the open school is achieving. @muphy’s idea is to help all high school students especially those that would normally not be able to afford private coaching achieve full understanding of subjects all over the world. I am glad that we are now benefiting from this opportunity the blockchain is providing.

open school 8.jpeg

Muphy was able to break the topic down as much as possible, and the students were able to grasp the relationship between work and energy. They got to know more about these two concepts in a way they were not taught before.

Work is change in energy

was the idea that simplified this topic.

open school 11.jpeg

They were able to use this idea in exercises provided to them by @muphy.
It was really an interesting and engaging classroom.

open school 9.jpeg

Bringing education closer to the less privilege and ensuring that high school students can excel is what the open school project seek to achieve.

open school 10.jpeg

Imagine what we can achieve together with this opportunity steemit has provided for us all. Let us use it to the benefit of humanity, and a good path is the advancement of education. So if you are a teacher, why don’t you consider using your skills to impact lives across the world. You will be amazed by the different you can make in the lives of “that” student. We want to have all subjects and not just physics and be able to reach more students across the world. This is the vision of @muphy and you can share this vision too. You can contact him on discord @muphy.
Read his post about the open school project here

Thank you and I look forward to streaming your live lessons for my students as well.
@obamike saying “that child needs your help: touch lives and help build a world of equal opportunity and access.”

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this is an excellent idea. Well done @muphy you hero! I hope this concept blossoms :)


Thank you for your support and well wishes.

Brilliant idea and great endeavour of @muphy . It really amazes me to see the concept of 'One world ' come true. All the best @obamike .I'm resteeming this post to get more attention!


OH..Thank you so very much. This project will strive with your support. It is really bringing the world closer once again.

That's a great scheme. Everyone deserves education


Absolutely!!! everyone deserve quality Education. Thank you for supporting education for all

Fantastic project. Delighted to see you are getting great results!


We want to expand this and reach more students in rural communities. No child must be marginalized. they must all have access to learning. Thank you for your support

Dear friend! Next time also use #wafrica and follow @wafrica to get an upvote on your quality posts!


thank you

Looks awesome! So many words on the blackboard, must be a big lesson.


It was really awesome. One of the student was asking me today if we will have other subjects too. The lesson lasted for 1hr 30min.
Thank you for your support