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Strong words, and well said. The bad things that are happening all mean that you’re becoming more and more successful. With success comes the scammers, the plagiarizers, and the beggars.

That’s unfortunately the world we live in and isn’t specific to Steem. Just keep doing what you’re doing and, like you said, you will win.


Could not tell it better


You said it perfectly. Just keep on working hard and you will come out on top. There will always be scammers and spammers, just need to spot them and eliminate them as they pop up

PLEASE STOP HARASSING @elear AND @utopian-io

This is literally the best project that has ever come to Steem. If you harass @elear or Utopian, you are harassing people and projects aiming to make Steem and the world much better.

If that feels good to you, I don't know what kind of person you are. Just stop.

We have a real chance with attracting the entire open-source community and possibly the entire developer community to the Steem blockchain with this project. Please just let Utopian be.


Trolls are those who have been trolled, only responding in love can show a troll how not to be a troll. One ☝️ who is shown only hate can only make hate. ❤️🌀 love is contagious !(let love shine light into the darkness)! Only love can turn a heart of darkness into that of lighfullness.


I'm no religious man, but amen!

An incredibly minor issue but it is an absolute pet peeve of mine when people use the word "loose" when they mean "lose", might want to correct a few of your typos :)


I don't think he used 'loose' in the post... or maybe it was already corrected? :)


nope, he was just very quick about correcting it


Corrected. Thanks for the tip @fingolfin


@elear's always very fast with these things 😀


You know what really grinds my gears? People who ignore the value of the person and the message, and nitpick some insignificant spelling error


I'm sure you have pet peeves as well. Its a peeve, a minor thing as I pointed out. I make no judgement on the persons character and I don't even give a damn about other spelling and grammar, it just so happens that particular typo seems to annoy me.

I'd say to save your gear grinding for something a little more significant but that was the whole point of this, everyone is allowed little things that bother them :)


so.. no problem if I use your name to scam people... as long as I don't loose my cool?

actually it bothers me more that 5 people collectivly decided to make this in the top 3 most visible comments on the thread... as if you made some really significant contribution to the discussion. which I was actually able to remedy by upvoting flauy, as opposed to downvoting you.

anyways... you've got social proof on your side.. so.. I'm probably irritated more about a dozen other things going on... whatevs. namaste


Seeing as how most of my time on Steemit is spent dealing with plagiarists and scammers I obviously have an issue with that as well. Though to be consistent, I would also note the annoying spelling, can't be a hypocrite, right?


are you with steemcleaners?


That I am


we'll have to chat... I've been doing in depth coverage of all of the spam fighting, rewards pool protecting activities on steemit... well, I say "i" but really it's "we" as in @newsteem but that account is mostly a placeholder right now

I think that Utopian will lead the Steem development into new dimensions. So much developing potential will stream into our arms thanks to this brave new platform. ALL other Steem projects will profit from that and hence the community will get more and better software at a higher pace.

Even people like me who "just" create videos can now contribute and earn big. I am planning to put at least half of my engagement towars Utopian projects. Before I started to question my path here and whether my contributions make any difference to the world. Now I KNOW that they do. Helping with an Open Source project is one of the greatest ethical works one could do to benefit mankind.

Steemy approves!


  ·  2년 전

100 percent correct brother @flauwy ... utopian is a friend to all :}

I like your style! ^^ delegate 1k SP to Utopia now... as a start.

We actively search for and disable impostor accounts on, and Steem-based account verification is in the works. We can't get to every account immediately and unfortunately some people fall for it.

always be careful in any type of gambling game.


This comment has received a 12.90 % upvote from @upgoater thanks to: @babarrajo.

I am really hoping your project goes up @elear. One of the things that I would really love to promote is actually that same methodology that everyone should and can be valued for their open source contributions.

And when you start the same conversation within or coupling with the business world... then things change a lot! But when it's based on institutes, universities, or research organisms... this makes sense too! And completely destroys monopolisms and closed thinking ways.

I am not a developer, but I can tell, this would be something teasing my appetite to contribute. Not because I wanna live from it, but because I could use it as proof of what a good cause is.


I support your view @elear .
Given your background as an engineer I can't help but wonder how are you going to go about this problem ?

Why would anyone satisfy this kind of request is a little bit out of my reach though.. Why would anyone give you money when you're asking ?

I reported no less than 3 DISTINCT instances just yesterday of people stealing your posts and claiming them as their own. Patrice is on top of it with steemcleaners now, but shit, three in a row bro, in a matter of hours, and different posts of yours. I tagged you on them. I assume you monitor one of the many mentions tools. I got your back man.


Thank you

Good on you!!! You are a true leader and have my support.
I do hope you already have snapshots well and backups.

YEAH BOI!!!! I love you so much @elear way to make a stakement!!!!!!


Love your comment! :)

Let's just collaborate collectively from within the Utopian Movement on combatting wrongdoers via scientifically-proven algorithmical quality detection. All devs unite!

disclaimer: I self-upvoted this comment for visibility, since I noticed this blog post just 10 hours after it was published and my comment was at the bottom between some "follow me please"-comments

Hopefully the culprit is punished to serve as a specific deterrent. Perhaps keep an eye on where money from the fraud accounts go, but innocent until proven guilty.

No one can stop an idea whose time has come.

destroy all bots.


Has to be the funniest comment :-D

Dear Sir @elear sometimes it is disturbing when you get some bad feedback or sees bad things around you, just close your eyes keep take breathe and ask to your Almighty that if I am on right track I can't surrender and no one can stop you my brother your work and idea is a milestone for the society and it has great potential, you should run a contest or do something to prevent these asshole frauds who are demolishing a great content for just some bucks and also pinned a message at your discord that you and your projects doesn't require any money or donation by general Steemians and as you describe that they are asking by message and comment it should be down votes and make their account worthless as soon as possible by the supporters of your project and I think we should unite for this to track these type of scroundle and try to punish them and spread awareness regarding this.
In the last but not the least don't be so sad or panic as we all knew it that you are a man of Steel with great soul and strong will power.
God bless you and utopia.
Best wishes.

Wow - that sucks. I've heard about similar scams. Good for you for fighting back.

I love what you are doing and where you are going with utopian-io. Congratz on your hard work and all the effort and money you put into the project.
As for the losers that try to scam us -> there will always be immoral bastards trying to do this and you know it. Only thing we can do is fight them with flags untill they stop.

I am looknig forward to posting more awesome contributionts to Utopian soon. Planing on putting a great deal of work into providing Croatian translations and some suggestions for Steemit and Utopian also.
Utopian and Steemit to the moon!

Btw this image is my own work and if anyone wants to use it feel free to do so!
Have a great day everyone.

You are exactly what is needed here!!! And definitely the witness we need, and writing you in now as such.

I admire the passion you have for your awesome project and the steem blockchain. will get my witness vote for sure!

I also hope you will voice your concerns at the Steem Growth Forum as posted by @aggroed. You mentioned in your post things that are negative for the steem blockchain and I hope this forum will have the audience to consider and make changes to few/all of these issues raised.

Keep up your good work! You are truly a gem for this community!

We support you and project...continue to STEEM on....!



Weldone. greate job .. would not die... it will head straight to the top. I support :)

@buildteam and its members stand in solidarity with Utopian, our goals are aligned to build on Steem and create a formidable apps layer which will draw users and guarantee mass adoption.


I think the word is solidarity?


Well spotted!

Unfortunately, this is life. Big fish, big target. But you are doing it right, thats why people wanna be like you. Be the best you, you can be.

very strong words @elear just a dreamer would say that and just a dreamer will understand that

Utopian in my opinion hhas potential to be bigger than steemit. It targets a specific group of people that can understand easily the concept of the steem blockchain and also are worried aabout the comunity. Dont let a bunch of spammers ruins your day!

this is hilarious...

it reminds me of the people that are responding to the anti-spam topic posts with : yes, good posts, plis upvot me

but this is just going one step further these are people that do know a bit about how steem works and try to con money out of an up and coming project.
The only thing they seem to forget is that this projects is made up of hundreds of coders (who are also potentially hackers if they use their power for "evil") and what they are doing is the equivalent of pissing on the coders computer

I really do not think this ends well for those people but that is just my view here...
good job @elear on removing their potential power but sad it has to come to this

I loooove you😍 I am gonna delegate to utopian!

From the very limited experience that I have, this is natural or should be expected. In everything that is good, there's always evil that impersonates it.

Its crazy as soon as something is successful all the bad comes out of people to try and cheat their way. People really need to learn how to raise their kids to have some respect and morals.

Literally the most selfless act I've seen in the entire Steemit history. I commend you @elear. Such actions are truly inspiring.

I'm all lined up and ready to vote for @utopian-io witness at greenlight. Love the messege @elear ! This project rocks the boat. I believe in it and will delegate what little I have to move it forward. Steem on!

Open Source is the future and the present.
A utopian-io witness has my vote.
I will delegate more SP as I get it.

Go you Good Thing!­™

Hey my friend it's really get to see that you are passionate about utopia and at same time it's not good for you those fake accounts will really cared confusion and I glad that you want to shut them all it's great to see you

Give the shot they were asking. just Shot them down, scammer and all those you want to use anyonr name to get money from the other has just to vanish from this beautiful platform

I figure if we collectively flag those accounts you mentioned (if they have any posts or comments) to negative reputation, it'll be easier to know they are scam shit.

I suggest you register all possible typo username for @elear and @utopian-io. This is same issue with Bittrex, people will send money to typo accounts.

I would encourage anyone that is reading this to support this project. I have been around business long enough to know one thing and that is when someone speaks with the type of purpose as @elear then they do not and will not accept defeat as an option. This will be a success.

I checked out utopian-io, but I don't see how I can contribute. However, I saw it stated that if someone has an idea requiring crowdfunding, you can help. I don't want anything for myself, but I do want to start something that could turn the world upside down.

My idea is only worth something to those who understand just how poisonous our vacinations have become, since the government provided them with immunity from prosecution.

I see two ways for the problem to be tackled. The second is less effective, but maybe cheaper, with less of the Cabal willing to openly fight it

I would like for a number of good medical researchers to be given a lab for them to develop vaccinations that do what they are supposed to do, as it used to be. None of the poisons and heavy metals to be included.

Second idea is, create mini volunteer get-well centres all over the world, for people to take their children for treatment of damage from the vaccinations. It is already being done (using chelation, for instance). This would need to be free or funded by companies that are big enough to afford it, but not big enough to belong to the Cabal running the present vaccination systems (Bill Gates, Soros, etc). These get-well centres can also help children who are going in for vaccinations by providing them with specific diets, vitamins (non-irradiated) etc. It can help reduce the damage by 40% and higher!

I live in South Africa, I am 74 and a state pensioner, so I really cannot do much more to help. If someone has the get-up and go to start either of these ideas, I will cheer them on as loudly as I can.

PS: I hope someone will think this comment is worth responding to, I'm getting tired of fighting to save children and being ignored by their parents, the teachers, the priests and so on.

"The Big Problems That Will Make This Blockchain Die
People pretend to be someone else to steal money.
Whales sell upvotes. I must be honest. I used them sometimes as well, until I realised how bad this approach is. Thanks God their tokens are losing value every single day.
People comment for being upvoted or followed or resteemed without even reading.
Bots are being created to rape the reward pool.
Big accounts downvote/upvote the hell out of everything effectively owning the blockchain.
Steem is flowing out of the platform, decreasing its value." by Opie (O.P.)

Yes, yes , yes and yes! I hadn't really looked into this but was hearing of it and the more I hear the greater it sounds. The people I tried to bring on here all left because of above mentioned "issues" as well as the same handful dominating everything.....even heavy hitters I know are sick of it, plus your logo is kickass :)

Preach it Brother, utopia is going to be B I G. So glad you are calling people out. I agree with everything you stated and am going to delegate even more SP to the cause. Count me in as a believer!!!🐓

I support you in your initiative, and I hope you succeed in your efforts. I'm not sure this is the right forum to express my views, but here goes.

  1. You cannot have an open membership policy, and still have a community. There must be a more rigorous whetting process in place before you allow new members to join the community.

  2. Allow community members to flag spams, explicit content etc so that community policing is enforced. But don't incentivize members to do the policing. That could be counterproductive.

  3. Disable self promotion. It works counter productive to your meritocratic goals. On the contrary, Steemit team can promote posts which they think is worthy of being promoted.

  4. Take strict actions against copy right violations. Disable accounts of members who do not comply.

The list is certainly not exhaustive. Others can add more points if they wish to. In my view, if the following steps are taken, I think you'll be able to achieve the goals that you've set for yourself.

This has been happening for a while now on people making fake accounts of large users pretending to sell votes. Be proud that you are big enough for these jerks to impersonate at least?

I became your suppoter now.

  ·  2년 전

& with each major benchmark, will come even more & more responses and positive comments. I hope all this community support inspires you @elear :]


good to find you here. I have one question: can I just continue as I do? I like it here & wouldn't want to have done all my effort just to find myself being somehow left as .... the last steemit user? Thanks in advance, I know you're nice and will probably answer me:)

  ·  2년 전

crypto has hype and fades.. so with each bad story, lessons are learnt and people move on.. the amount of times i have forgotten about a story.
What i mean is, i will gamble that the people will keep producing add ons to steemit and as such there will always be a regular stream of people utilising its services which will have a knock on effect into the price and demand for SBD..
I will be here holding the mantle as last steamer with u pal.. Am in no hurry to leave this realm.... keep the faith hamburger! :} cnts :}


somehow this was the answer I was hoping for. :) you, too, Liverpooler!

Hy man.

I'm sad to see that this things happen.
But as we know, as in real world here are too the scammers and profiteers.

As in all bitcoin world where lot of scam ICO's are on the market (some of them still working) here will be too.
The impersonating people will be everywhere all the time to profit from anybody. So, this thing you and anybody else can't control.

I thought people learned the lesson but there always be moments when we all can be caught with the guard down. Even if is by mistake or not paying attention.

I think this is the user problem to understand like in banks or other system that the big companies and also the developers don't ask for personal details and money, especially in private. If things are needed then for sure will be placed on the main page of the owner and it will be as transparent at could be.

Also, you may know better if you want to step out from steem account and how it helps. But from my pov i think you can still enjoy this platform with your personall account and maybe

put in your signature that people to be careful when they are asked for money from fake accounts

This could be a good use to let people know about that.

Also some of us, users, maybe many of us could put as well at signature things like that.

beware of fake identity accounts that steal money from good people...

or smth like that.

Just some ideas.

I spoked with some programmers friends and i really hope that i can bring them to the steem and utopian community. I wait for a meeting with them. I love so much all the new projects that are alive and i would enjoy seeing them go well in the near future and so on.

Lol i just saw last days one account who commented on absolute all comments at that post begging for upvote. I was replying to a minnow at his post and there has come that one who filled all comments with his "please upvote me" etc...

It could be a count somewhere about that... don't know yet how we can solve that. But this is a small issue because the people who will be for a while on steemit will ignore that posts.

The problem is with downvoters with power who downvote without leaving a reason and some of them are just bad intentioned people. Just playing games.

As last thought, i think you should keep your account here and as i said above when you post something, make people aware at the end about fake accounts and begging for money.

I also delegated again now from my tiny power some SP to your platform. I don't have a big voting power but i love to support what i like if i can.

Hope it helps a bit. Because if there are more like me, the sum will addup.

Question about that: If i had something delegated before, if i put another amount now it is not adding up to that amount, i see it just replaced it. Is that's suppose to happen?
To know if i will delegate again with other amount to make the total i wanted to be.

Cheers and best wishes man

Im new on steem. In this few days I read all of your post. Love youu

Man keep the money. And use the money for the development of Blockchain. Not for you but for everybody who use it.

really its a great post

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Oh really

@elear I am not a tech guy or have enough funds to donate, i want to contribute for this project, but dont know how. Can you suggest or guide?

Have a great day.

supporting you always @elear on your journey, you have been a great help for this community.

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Nice post. I learned something new. I didn't realize that bots were trying to take people's money. Makes a lot of sense. Also, I will be following your posts on this. Sounds very interesting and I am open to anything with potential

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Being new to Steem, I have no idea where I stand in this issue.

Oh @elear.
As a @witness (and french ;) ), I'm fully agree with your speech.

The first time I saw utopian, I immediately thought it would be the best project based on steem.

You have my vote.
Once your witness created, I'll promote it for the french community.

Thanks for the heads up mate! @elear . and I applaud you for putting your money where your mouth is! I'd been following for a while, and after this i support ye ever tougher.

I'm working with some technologies (genuinely potentially world changing) that I would love to introduce you to. I feel your platform could be an ideal way to make their utilization possible to enable a more circular economy. Feel free to email me @ if you're interested in building a more sustainable future! Cheers mate!

this is very sad news but dont let like this pepole bring you down
they are few and what you are doing on utopian is bigger
just go ahead and we are giving you our support

Those guys are the scums of Earth, sadly, this warning would not deter them. But it is great that @elear puts it out there, so the community would be aware of what is happening. Having run into them severally on steemit chat, I know the level of their IQ, it is just too low, sometimes I wondered if I am chatting with a robot, because they all keep repeating the same thing, "Send 10 SBD to my bittrex account and get a 100 SBD upvote." They usually impersonate big accounts, and their mode of scam is just downright ludicrous. But every once in a while they get a victim, that is just the sad part. @elear, keep pushing, do not be deterred by these scums of earth, if it is any consolation, I'd tell you they have targeted (and is still targeting) almost every big or famous account on steemit. They keep getting banned but like a foolish hydra-headed monster, they keep coming back. Have an amazing day. Peace.

I like this idea and you raise good issues. I noticed a lot of bots voting and commenting on my posts, taking the rewards from the few loyal followers I have. I tried Whale bots on two occasions only, and I find that the free manual upvotes, such as ocd-resteem, are much more worth it. They are humans voting and yes, it's less often, but they are people who read your content and care and get you a nice little amount when they do upvote it. I'm happy when it happens.

I agree that something should be done to remove upvote bots, that way things will regulate a bit better. Content that merits upvotes will be more likely to be seen rather than the content that has nothing in it, that is popular only because it receioved an upvote from a Whale bot that was worth a lot.

Those accounts imitating you, now that I discovered you and follow you, I'll keep an eye out to be sure I don't follow the wrong person. But I don't send money to others. I agree, we should stop doing that, except fro contest winners of course.

I look forward to seeing everything that can do for the Steemit community. It sounds promising and you seem to have a lot of drive, motivation and passion. Just by that I know you're going to make waves (pun intended). All the best :)

Kinda fascinated now:-) Love the zeal in your message as it reminds me of a much younger me:-)

Unfortunately, wherever money is involved, these bottom feeding, low life cockwombles surface and try to take advantage. I'm impressed by your initiative and really hope it is a massive success. Would really like to get involved in the future, but at the moment my time is limited.

nice post and informative

Are AI and the Blockchain connected?
Is important.
What is... Who is...
I'd like to meet them.

While I really like Steemit, I find that the main issues (most of which are cleverly mentioned in your post) are very similar to those on Instagram. To me, the largest problem are the bots, commenting generic comments all over the place, content stealing and fake "official" accounts. Instagram has become a zombie community where bots interact with other bots. I hope Steemit will be able to avoid this.

Quick question about Utopian and sorry for my ignorance, but this is the first time i read about it. Can any Steem user vote and comment on projects even if they aren't a developer?
Thx in advance.

Welp, elear and utopian freaking RULE, it seems.

@elear @utopian-io you are great.... This project will improve the steem economy and i am happy that many steemians are now participating and contributes every ideas, for the community to the benefits of the community. It is called synergy :) that is utopian-io

Your reaction is the right one I Would say. Like @yabapmatt said, becoming more successful will inevitably bring it's load of problems. Pleased to see it doesn't get to you in the wrong way! :)

newbie here What's steemconnect?

this is what show up when I try to sing up at

Do you want to authorize the Steem account to use your posting role?

Comment Delete
Comment Options
Custom Json
Claim Reward Balance

So steemconnect???? is it safe?

Just delegated @utopian-io some SP. Not a lot, but that's what I can spare for the moment. Don't give up! Open Source projects need initiatives like this.

I strongly support your goals, and admire your ideals, and passion.

"Steem is meant to be much more than what actually is now and the only way to fix this is to bring more investors into the platform and stop this centralised behaviour where big accounts own the blockchain."

There is a problem though. As PoS weights witness votes, the witnesses are utterly vulnerable to simply being purchased by someone with enough cash. As the current whales mostly gained their stakes by mining, that takeover event would be a golden parachute, transforming their mined stakes into cold, hard, cash while extricating them from Steem, and Steemit.

Indeed, such transfers needn't be conducted by powerdown and sale of tokens, as accounts can simply be transferred off chain, leaving no clue to the takeover on the blockchain.

This is something that affects every effort, as well as Steem and SMTs, which I expect platforms interested in SMTs need to exercise due diligence considering.

Have you thoughts on securing the Steem blockchain against such trivially accomplished Sybil attacks?

While, for we mere mortals, the idea of spending $100M's to acquire the blockchain seems impossible, for various media moguls, such as Eric Schmidt, or Mark Zuckerburg, this is little more than lunch money, and should the inception of SMTs, or any of's efforts become successful at increasing the number of actual users on the platform, such a purchase would be quite profitable.

I have spoken of this to various parties, including stinc, top witnesses, and etc., without much substantive reply, and essentially been brushed off.


Who are those people 😠

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I don't know how some people feel so comfortable using other persons name for scam,i feel so bad when i come across post like this.i just hope those doing this bad act will someday be caught.

Whales sell upvotes. I must be honest. I used them sometimes as well, until I realised how bad this approach is. Thanks God their tokens are losing value every single day.

Why on earth would you want the value of the tokens to lose value? Especially if you're building Utopian on top of Steem? Makes no sense.

Anyway, sick project. I've got some ideas that I definitely want to plug into it. You're doing the Lord's work, @elear. Fuck the scammers.


"Why on earth would you want the value of the tokens to lose value?"

Most of the Steem extant was mined before Steemit existed. Since Steem is inflationary, as the increase in tokens spreads the value of the blockchain to a wider community, the relative power of the whales - which @elear showed is being abused - is decreased, and the power of those that invest cash, or writing, to gain tokens is increased.

That's why I agree with his statement, anyway.


i hope it works well to make your project fill the vision you have -- i am not technical so i don't understand what is utopian but it seems like the project will benefit the whole community and world ,so that is awesome -- i hadn't met you before so i followed but i know you said your leaving steemit.. anyway i hope we will be friends in the future -all the best in your journey -rock on -David

Wow, didn't know that there was so much tension

im still trying 5to figure it out but these assholes make it so I dont wanna play just yet

YES indeed whalepower is ruining things, and people jumping on posts without reading etc, etc, Hope you can sort it all out to be fair to good content posters, as I am thinking of giving up....

sudah saya upvote ya

thx, sometimes you have to be hard to get understanding. Great post and utopian will succeed

If these people put as much effort into decent stuff as they do in cheating how different could things be.

Help steemit grow, steemit is so awesome please don't ruin it #imposters :0

I guess there always will be people with bad intentions to exploit the system vulnerabilities. But as long as there will be people fighting against they won't win! Thanks for keeping it up. I am new to this community and hope the best to all the content creators on steemit!

Dammn the spammere....BEWARE OR PERISHED!

I like and enjoyed your post ! Keep publishing interesting and informative articles.
If you wish, you can check my posts @laughingshots.
Keep steeming. Cheers !!!
Follow me @laughingshots

A special thanks to the upvoters. Because you are, @elear can go to trending.

can be banned this account?

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Beautiful post will dony

wow.... it's hard word. but you are right. Open source is big idea to strengthen of steemit platform. imagine, thousand of expert will join to make steemit better and bigger. Oh My God, if any one of you being blank with open source concept at this time. I have one question for you... "where you come from". I am very familiar with the anger of Mr. @elear. Open Source must keep going bos. thanks @elear very lot appreciates for your attention to steemit and for all of us steemian roud the world.

Can't these fraudsters be banned?

its time to show your gun !!

hey reddust...another post you resteemed.
thank you...
amd once again thank you elear...
@followed and upvoted

this post is why i think you're making a huge difference in Planet Steem, which could extend into the bigger world.

i just upvoted you + comment+ follow

please upvote+ follow + comment me...

Thank u

  ·  2년 전
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well written, thanks for sharing this incredible story 😀