Going on IdeaHub at 8pm UTC to talk about Steem on OpenBazaar.

3년 전

Here is my outline so far. Any suggestions?

To bring you up to speed, if you don't already know, @DiggnDeeper.com (me) found an interest in getting Steem on the open source OpenBazaar marketplace project. After doing some digging, I decided the best way to proceed would be to create a separate account to be used strictly for this project. This account, @SteemOnOB is here for updates about the project and to campaign for delegations and donations for development and bounties.

Thankfully, @swapsteem has stepped in for guidance.

As this is a single purpose account, you will be able to easily monitor progress and transactions.

This is still a very new project and the first two tasks are still in progress. Check this account's posts for more information about those tasks.

Alright, so on to the outline I am brining to the podcast:

Benefits of Steem on OpenBazaar:

  • Steem has one of fastest, if not THE fastest transactions of all block chains. Steem transactions are free. The blockchain is fairly well battle tested for very high transaction capacity, again among the best if it isn't the best.

Current project needs:

Potential problems to overcome:

  • Steem requires a fee to start an account. "Expensive" accounts such as ETH have been integrated and OpenBazaar has reached out to the team with a suggestion.

This is a really last minute and quickly put together post, but if you have any other suggestions to offer before I go on a developer centric podcast as a non-developer and look, well, like a non-developer, please chime in!

Also, please consider delegating, donating and supporting this project though this account, @SteemOnOB. This is a dedicated account used STRICTLY for Steem on OpenBazaar, so you will see complete transparency here.

Please feel free to join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/5fPatJx You can find the ob-integration channel from there.

Thank you!

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I would just like for it to be considered an option that if new accounts are not something that can be created on the fly with OB/Steemit, that maybe an option to "merge account with existing user/wallet" or some other option in there for any Steemit user can just have the ability to jump into using OpenBazaar even if not every OpenBazaar user can jump directly into Steemit. Good luck on the podcast!


I think that is a great idea. It seems like the simplest way to start.

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