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ah, so louis arthur is the wolfman jack guy , or is it lewis - and not "craig sawyer" who does not sound like wolfman jack - could've sworn the 1st time I saw the lewis guy on a bitchute video last week he was being called craig sawyer - yeah, anyway, this whole thing is fckn wack.

Hi Nathan, thanks for exposing this distraction. It definitely never quite added up. Now the picture is becoming much more clear, thanks to you and a few others who looked closely at things that didn't make sense. Dan @Libertyacademy was also covering this quite closely this past two weeks and did a good job analyzing anomalies within the presented story line.

I wanted to let you know that I have a post up today highlighting alt/truth media coverage of the Bilderberg Conference where members of the Council on Foreign Relations and NATO are in attendance. Was hoping that maybe you would discuss the subject this week as the real story is being nearly entirely ignored by the complicit mainstream media.

Taking the Mask Off The Organ Grinders: Compilation of Important Alt-Media Videos and Posts Covering The 2018 Bilderberg Meeting in Turin, Italy

this lewis guy should be arrested for incitement, fraud and provacatouring people to look for child porn... i have a feeling homeland security is instigating this whole thing. ..