OP Highlights of the Week! Issue #1

3년 전

Hello there gamers of Steemit! How has the Hard Fork 20 treated you all? Are you all managing your resource credits well enough? But hey, we're here to take the edge off your daily routine and highlight some great posts you might have missed during this week!

The thought process behind this new list of highlights is brought up to the table when the administrators of the OP Gaming round table (AKA: @ddrfr33k , @volderhein and @thegoliath) came to a conclusion that voting almost every post using the #opgaming tag isn't simply enough community interaction between the team and you guys. So we pitched this project between ourselves and everyone was down to agree with it, so here's your good ol' pal @volderhein writing the first issue of this week's highlights. To me, these are the best post I've seen this week!


We're hitting things out of the park with our first featured post. If you want to meet someone who has equally burning passion for Anime and Videogames, then @ahmadmanga is your guy. This time he hit us with a great dual review of the first Ace Attorney entry in the saga, accompanied with some supporting facts of the anime series (Movie? Idk, lol) He goes really in depth so if you like justice, visual novels and solving crimes, this review might be the attorney promotion you've always wanted!


On our second highlight of the week, we got @schubes with a very interesting unboxing! This guy took the time to order some general goodies and some Pocket Monster cards from overseas! Now, I don't know about you but this is the first unboxing i've seen on Steemit and it's fairly unique! Schubes proceeds to go through the goodies he bought and then BOOM! Hits us with some Pokémon card reveals! He even got a EX card which has an amazing design! This video singlehandedly made me want to buy some pokémon cards too!


For our third highlighted post we got somewhat of an underrated user here, but that's what's nice about writing these, you get to showcase people and what they do, right?! So our boy @jdoesstuff let's us know what his experience with the highly anticipated Smash Ultimate Demo was. It's a fairly short but concise article but he does bring an incentive if you'd like to know more about the game, so hit him up if you'd really like to ask some things about the game and the general feel of it!


As a Final highlight we're bringing you another hit by @ahmadmanga . If you know the guy, then you'll know he's holding a weekly store for Steem and Crypto. But if you don't know, now you'll know that YES, HE'S HOLDING A WEEKLY STORE FOR STEEM AND CRYPTO. Feel like spending a couple of your hard earned SBD or Steem tokens on games? Don't want to go through the hassle of selling your crypto or going through some shady exchanges? This is definitely a post you should look forward to.


I admit that we were a little late on time for the recognition we really wanted to bring out for these posts, but nonetheless, a highlight is better than no highlight.

We really want to know what you guys think about this highlight issue which is the first one and how it could be better! At the end of the day we're just trying to bring out the best of the best for our gaming community, and that's by giving some extra sailing wind to the users who really excelled with their writing, personality and content throught this week.

Let us know your thoughts, comments and recommendations down below! This is @volderhein signing out! Peace my dudes!

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That's a pretty good post here. Upvot'd and resteem'd.


Thank you felix! We hope people are really liking this new project!

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Great one team! * pats himself on the back *


Pretty good.gif



Thanks for the mention, I like how you put the posts of the members of the group. Hoping this becomes a weekly thing!


That's the idea ahmad! We really think it's a good idea to showcase members like this!