Weekly Discussion Post: Most Overrated Game

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Hey there, it's @ddrfr33k. We're back again, coming at you with another weekly discussion forum. Every now and again, age catches up to you. You start to forget things. It happens, trust me! It is not all that unheard of. But eventually, you start to forget the really important things. Like making the weekly discussion thread! Well, that's what happened this week. I forgot. Blame it on early onset senility. That's gonna be my excuse. But what are you waiting for? Me to stop talking? Well, fine then!

This week's theme is:

Most Overrated Game

Tell us about that one game that you think is so overrated. Why is it overrated? Why do you think its community latched onto it? Sound off in the comments below!

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Haters will say it's photoshopped, but this is it, right here:

It's overrated because of the rose tinted glasses that everyone uses when they look back on it. It's a good game, don't get me wrong. But it also has a lot of flaws. The story has more than a few moments where the character development feels rushed, hasty, or just nonexistent. The graphics, while a major milestone for the series, pale in comparison to the polygons that FF8 and FF9 were able to boast.

And let's not forget about the stairs in Shinra HQ. (shudder)

If you don't like my choice, fite meh.


No I don't like your choice lol
In my opinion the story of FF7 and character development is better than FF8 or 9.
Of course the graphics is not as good, it is older!
So I would say it is awesome and not overrated


You're allowed to hold that opinion. You're also allowed to be wrong. :3


I also believe Final Fantasy VII is overrated and Final Fantasy VIII is the superior entry in the whole ps1 golden age!


I agree with this part... It's actually my second most important reason where FFVII is the one that needs to be remade out of all Final Fantasies:

The graphics, while a major milestone for the series, pale in comparison to the polygons that FF8 and FF9 were able to boast.

The most important is that there are so much (Before Crisis, Advent Children, Crisis Core... etc.) that are tied to it, a remake will make use of these ties better than the original did.

Though for its time, the game was brilliant. Not the best, but deserves its popularity in the mainstream fandom. (I say, that most of the non-mainstream like FF6 or FF9 way more than FF7.)


I like them all lol
But I would put FF7 over FF8.
Looks like I am one of the minorities here :)


I'd say I love Final Fantasy VII more than FVIII overall, the story is so epic. But the I love the world (Gardens) and characters (Relationships) of FFVIII more than FFVII's. (Funny because I saw many people hating FF8 characters.)

MOBA games are overrated and repetitious, I just can't get behind it. or why it became a viral sensation among gamers.

The tag openmic is for a music contest on Steemit. It has nothing to do with gaming and you would probably get more views using another tag.


Good to know, thank you! We'll update accordingly in the future.

I'm not sure what's my answer to this, because when I see a game with a lot of people enjoying it and I don't, or not as much, I thought there's something wrong with me, maybe I just don't know how to enjoy it, or maybe I fail to see the good in it. And when I say "a lot of people enjoying it", the one game that comes to mind right now is Fortnite BR. Keep running, kill shit, win (or die lol). That's it. There's so little depth to it but the whole planet went crazy over it.

I played Fortnite before, and I enjoyed it too while I did. But it wasn't for long before I stopped because I didn't (still don't) like it that much. As I said, maybe I just don't know where's the 'super fun' in it.

I can't really decide wether its Half-Life 2 or Zelda: Breath of the Wild :-)

Hmm, overrated games... I think i'd go with...


this time around...

This game is a glorified movie

Look. I know some people love this game even to die for but hear me out.

Have you personally played The last of us? Have you played it more than once?

Let me explain: We know this is a fairly linear game where you experience the adventures of Ellie and Joel in an apocalypse zombie filled game.

The game is all nice and good when you first go through it, great story, great plot and great characters but I think it falls short when you look at it from a replayability standpoint. Like once you finish the game what are you gonna do? Replay it on a harder difficulty? I'd understand if you first played it on easy but this game doesn't treat difficulty nor gameplay as its main points of selling the game. Enemies just become sponges and it's harder to hide from them, attacks you had to recover from are now instakills and such and the list goes on and on.

My grudge with this game is it's likeness with a movie or a book. Once you go through it, you know what's gonna happen, how and when. And when this falls short, the other features of the game fail too. The game becomes the scripted hide and seek or find cover we used through our firt playthrough. The gameplay doesn't really let you do much in terms of customizing how you play, it's always hide and seek, it's always "use a health kit while on cover whenever you're on a supposedly safe spot" and yadda yadda yadda. I could make a complete post about it and I MIGHT IF THIS AT LEAST GETS 1 UPVOTE but what really grinds my gears is that this game might have inspired other movielike games in the future. Where I think the game part is lost a little bit.

Taking something great and trying to make it something lesser just doesn't work. AND I DON'T MEAN I DON'T LIKE MOVIES... BUT Movies are just missing that bit of personality and expression we're accustomed in Videogames.



I agree with you, but I think that the game was made like that on purpose by naughty dogs studio. They aimed for a general adult audience and as a result there had to focus on certain aspects of making the game. So at the end of the day I think that if you ask a hardcore gamer if the "The Last of Us" was overrated he/she will say yes but if you ask a regular person who just happened to enjoy the game he/she will probably say no. But again I agree with you.


It's a valid point from both perspectives tbh but I think games like these may have been the beginnings of other titles like The order 1886 or even stuff like Until Dawn

Hmm... I'd have to say Super Smash Bros. Melee.

It's a good game, don't get me wrong. I have lots of nostalgic memories with Melee! But I feel that the fans hold it in a little too high regard. I feel that people hated on Brawls slower gameplay because it wasnt like Melees like they were used to.
The gameplay feels too heavy and fast for my personal liking. Most of the competitive gameplay relies too heavily on glitches/exploits and roughly 1/5 of the characters are actually good.
I'm totally not being salty just because Kirby is bottom of the barrel trash teir.:P


Super Smash Bros was definitely a good game, but yeah I see what you mean. Actually I have never considered it a true fighting game, it's a game of its own. I think that what really made it fun was the multiplayer mode. But yeah like you said roughly 1/5 of the characters were actually good.


The Melee megatame is huge, but incredibly stagnant. It's not nearly the game it once was.


DONT GET ME STARTED ON MELEE!!!!!!!!!!! Although it's not the best smash game by any means, I do think it's the best smash game to be played competitively because it's so so complex and versatile. In terms of a casual perspective of smash, I think the best one is Smash 4 or in this case Ultimate since it's coming out this year supposedly. but hey, that's just my opinion!

Personally I don't like the terms Overrated/Underrated. While I use these terms, I use them to mention how surprised I am with the popularity, not that I think it shouldn't be like that.

If a game is too popular, there is a reason for it: Great Quality, Timing, Marketing, Emotional connection. The game will feel overrated when it checks these points for noticeably bigger amount of people.

It's not because it was bad... It just feel that compared to a game that has more loyal fans, the game has unexplainable popularity.

Of course there are overrated games that are completely bad but those are very rare cases, and people usually start to see that in few months at most and won't feel overrated anymore.

Also, the mainstream fans and the hardcore fans like & demand different things of the same game/franchise.

A game that is popular among mainstream fans, will always feel overrated to the hardcore fans, but in terms of 'pure' business, these are the games the company should make more of. They are more profitable, especially in short term. (Though, mainstream fans aren't as loyal so when the trend ends or get saturated, every game using it will start to feel bad. I'm looking at Sandbox/Open World when I say this.)


I think that your point is more or less implied, or in other words:
I hope people won't seriously argue that THEY alone have seen the truth of X game, while thousands of people are just blind.

Everything is subjective 😀

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