Weekly Discussion Thread - Favourite Streamer

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Hey there, it’s @thegoliath bringing you a new weekly discussion thread. I thought it would be good to chime in about a subject becoming constantly popular and already it is, very popular and growing more on Steemit thanks to DLives growth. Many of us dream of becoming big enough in it to be full-time. Keeps dreaming

Today’s theme is:

Favourite streamer


If you like to watch people stream and have a favourite, who are they, what do they like to stream and what platform do they stream on? Any streamer will do to share with us your favourite and it can even be someone from DLive. Streaming has become a common place event from game streams, to everyday life streams, and streaming services Netflix etc.

For me and for a while now it has been Grimmmz on Twitch. He is quite the chilled streamer with the ability to provide entertainment, great footage, interacts well with his chat which is always exploding and I just enjoy watching him play in general. Mostly it will be a battle royale or first person shooter game which his skills are god-like, but sometimes the games can vary to play something different like an older Kingdom Hearts as one he plays right now.

Another special mention and a reason I got into streaming myself is my cousin, shanetheshadow on Youtube. He has been creating videos and doing occasional streams for a while now and I was on Youtube for a bit myself, back in the day. But my computer wasn’t good for that any longer until I got this new PC.

Now for the DLive streamers and while it is still new, I find there to be a nice amount of different games played, quality streams, entertainment and I enjoy supporting people with my small but valued bit of support.


Laughing intensely for no reason

I really enjoy seeing multiple from opgaming enjoying streaming there themselves, growing with one another, providing quality entertainment and working hard!

So come chime in with your thoughts and your favourite streamer to let us know about what you like.

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As far as favourite streamers go, mine would be Cyberdemon531.

She's usually streaming very high level DooM and Mega Man speedruns, being a world record holder in both series. Some of her other speedruns are a little more eccentric and still a ton of fun to watch too. Not to mention the community surrounding her is very open and welcoming. I've been watching for a few months now and I'm still having a good time.

Also she's the only reason I'm even aware of DLive at all since she is always actively trying to help the platform grow by posting original videos and streaming (often for 8+ hours) on a daily basis. Her ability to be equally as attentive to the DLive chatroom as the other places she streams is a huge plus too, a trait which is surprisingly rare among the streamers I've seen on the site so far. It's kind of refreshing that my first stop to watch livestreams isn't twitch.tv any more.

Just in case anyone is interested you can find her here:


I have seen her stream and she is a good streamer too. It's good she has come to DLive and brought her viewers to its attention in existence as do many streamers on there trying to bring people to DLive and Steemit's existence.

I don't watch Streams too much, so I yet to have a favorite one... Kingdom Hearts name almost "sold" me to see Grimmmz though.

I watch LetsPlays for the game I know I'd never buy sometimes, but I like to watch on my own terms not to free time for them.


Yeah he has been playing a bunch of Kingdom Hearts right now though I don't fancy it as much. Lets plays are always good to watch to check out the games you can't get and play yourself, or if someone you enjoy watching plays them.

My favorite is a Youtube stoner named Aris. He's very amusing and entertaining in his streams, he mostly plays Tekken and fighting games but he's recently trying out other genres as well.

His youtube is https://www.youtube.com/user/AvoidingthePuddle


Awesome, fighting games are good to watch people play when they are good.

A couple of my favorite streamers are Trihex and Carlsagen42. Trihex streams a variety of games, but hes most famous for streaming Yoshis Island and currently Mario Odyssey. Carl streams Yoshis Island, too. But mostly he streams Super Mario Maker.

He sometimes plays games, but mostly goofs off on the internet. But I also like EtikaWorldNetwork. Hes infamous for having the best reaction memes for game trailers!


Mario is always good to watch as are the varieties. Haven't seen them but that is a lot different to the usual games you see streamed.

One of my favorites is a good friend of mine who streams on twitch.


He streams Tekken, DBFZ, Killer Instinct, and Beatmania. If you want to learn, ask questions in his chat. He will answer them. Wanna spar? He'll run sets with you. Here's a great guy, and a great friend.

Oh, and I might be a little biased, but I think I'm a pretty awesome streamer, too! :P


Should've guess you would like a streamer into fighting games. ;)
If I ever was playing those games and wanted to get good, I would be sure to ask him!
Maybe a little biased, maybe I should've special mentioned myself then? ;)

My favourite streamer is King Gothalion.
I started watching him around The Taken King expansion, but he's always been playing other games as well like Zelda, Pokemon and Monster Hunter: World.

Lately there's been a bit of a downward trend in Destiny 2, so unfortunately for me he's been playing a lot of Fortnite and now Battle Realm, and I just think Battle Royal games are the most boring shit ever on stream.
He also had a long obsession with Sea of Thieves, another boring as hell game to watch.

But he's just a super chill dude with a goofy humor.

Some people think he's arrogant, but in reality he's just extremely aware of what he is doing and what he wants his channel to be about.

I have see your all post. you are Good. and you are my favorite.