Weekly Discussion Thread - July 21, 2018

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Hey there, it's @ddrfr33k. We're back again, coming at you with another weekly discussion forum. It's not Friday, but the show must go on regardless! We will do these weekly, mark my words! But what are you waiting for? Me to stop talking? Well, fine then!

This week's theme is:

Favorite NPC

Wrong NPC.png

No, no, no! Not that kind! We're not talking about the National Physique Committee. We're talking about non player characters. They're the other characters in the game. They're the civilians running for their lives, the shop keepers that sell you the items you need, and then buy your found items for way less than they're worth.


Yeah, that kind! Tell us about your favorite NPC. Who are they? What makes them memorable? Why do you like them? Do you have a funny story to go with? Some strange glitch, perhaps? Sound off in the comments below!

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Hey, Listen!

My most favorite NPC ever would have to be Navi! From The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

She comes to you in times of need, and has pretty much raised you. She is loyal, and will always to her best to help you, whether you are out looking for rupees, or slaying Ganondorfs evil minions. Plus, shes a fairy, I mean common that's wicked!


I missed that one! Breath of the Wild was my introduction to the Zelda series!

My favorite would probably have to be the commentators of Death Watch TV, Mr. Howard "Buckshot" Holmes and Kreese Kreely. They're voiced by Greg Proops and John DiMaggio, respectively. MADWORLD is already an over the top game, but hearing Kreely shout "DON'T HURT DADDY! DON'T HURT DADDY!" while finishing off a thug in the game just cracks me up. You can tell they had tons of fun while recording, because the two of them play off of each other so very well.

Kreely: "You know, I don't understand why they call him 'Little Eddie' when he's so fucking huge."

Holmes: "I think it's supposed to be ironic."

Kreely: "What?"

Holmes: "Ironic. Saying something, but meaning the opposite. Usually used in a humorous or sardonic literary fashion."

Kreely: "...You got beat up a lot in school, didn't you?"

Holmes: "Yeah..."

It's moments like that where the two of them come up with this ridiculous stuff, and because of the over the top nature of MADWORLD, it comes off as the most sane part of the entire game. And then they have the nerve to heckle the development staff during the closing credits!

Great game, great fun, great NPCs. I love 'em!


I will have to look up this, I don't think I know Death Watch TV...


Death Watch TV is the "game show" set in MADWORLD on the Wii. It's a fantastic game, and grossly overlooked.

No contest, Alex Vance from the Half-Life series! Or maybe Dog....

Alex was strong female character at a time when most females were a damsel in distress. She was a completely believable character and a great companion! Dog was also hilarious, a puppy in a big Mech suit!

Despite coming up with this topic, I'm really struggling with finding the one NPC that is my fave.

sigh bapanada (I've been playing a lot of Hollow Knight)

From the map fish in Zelda Wind Waker to the item vendor in Resi 4, there are just so many to chose from.

But I gotta go with Cayde-6 from Destiny.
Voiced by Nathan Fillion, after Bungie really started to use the npc's in Taken King, he quickly became my favorite.

And now he's going to die in the coming expansion for Destiny 2.
Rest in peace sweet prince!

@opgaming, enjoy the vote!

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