This Week's Random Acts of Kindness by the Steem Blockchain (Operation Human Angels)

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In the Video Below I'll Recap This Week's #OpHumanAngels Actions

(Video 21:49)

And I know not all of you have 20 minutes to listen to me laugh, cheer, and carry on about these beautiful actions, so here is the recap of my recap for your scrolling pleasure...

My First Tag With OpHumanAngels At The Medical Clinic In My Hometown By @madamuhammad

Love Note on the Road By @abbijulie

#OpHumanAngels Frequently Asked Questions jpeg [Free to Use] By @khackett

Chalk With Me in Denver #5 By @phoenixwren

Another blooming op By @davedickeyyall

College student volunteers at the homeless shelter. By @hickorymack

Help Me Help A Neighbor By @phoenixwren


Walk with me, because the sun came out... By @chackett

Ophumanangels ~ Bananas Bring Smiles By @karenfoster

~2~Ophumanangels#Sharing food to the students By @apakapluk


OPHUMANANGELS~2~ Love Not Only Human Beings, But Also Equals Animals .. By @lidiasteem

#OpHumanAngels: Angeling the Angels! By @khackett

Chalk With Me In Denver #6 By @phoenixwren

Harvey the homeless hitch hiker By @davedickeyyall

In this #op, Dave picked up a man who had been walking for a very long time in the cold, and drove him wayyyyy across town. A beautiful action to take time out of your day like that to help another!!

Walk with me ~ "Give each other gifts you will love each other." ~ By @siren7

He was thanking me for sending him STEEM yesterday. I did a little action of my own, randomly sending STEEM to 5 beautiful Steemians to show my love <3 <3 <3

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.38.58 AM.png

#OpHumanAngels: Little Free Libraries are AWESOME! By @khackett

Operation Cupcakes By @amymya

OpHumanAngels: Valentines Edition By @phoenixwren

Meet Julia and Mike - Neuro-Marketing for the Homeless , Advertising for Compassion By @seaslim

Valentines for our neighbours In rememberance of Richard. By @x0xkasumix0x

What an OUTSTANDING week hey? This is the most acts of kindness we've seen yet, you are all just doing so much, it is humbling...and really makes me emotional every time I do this weekly wrap up, to see how much good and caring people there are on Steemit taking ACTIONS to make the world a brighter, more compassionate and ART-FULL place!

I hope this brightened your day too. Join us anytime in the #ophumanangels tag. You are Wanted. You are Needed. Keep Shining and Steem On!

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Hi @lyndsaybowes,

It seems you got a $22.0751 upvote from @fulltimegeek at the last minute before the payout. (17.43h) and this comment is to make everyone aware.

Please follow @abusereports for additional reports of reward pool abuse. Thank you.


Thank you for your invaluable service. <3

A big thanks to all of u for this amazing act of happiness project..!🤗

u all doing a divine work to uphold the humanity, to make the community a better place...! 😊

This kind acts inspire more people to serve the humanity..!

i hope i will be doing something out of kindness one day..!😊

Specially about that initiative from @lidiasteem ..! 🤗

it's really one of the greatest kindness to help them who can't demand it out to u..! 😊
u people are making the world a better place than yesterday it was..! 😇
Keep the good work going..! Best wishes to u all..!! 😊🤗

~Greetings from Tennis Girl 🎾🎾

I don't mind the videos being long, it's my favorite show! ;)

See @lyndsaybowes I told you I save up @ophumanangels posts until the end of the week and here we are again :D The perfect tonic for a long week .. it's half term and I'm working from home, which is easier said than done lol

These posts just fill me with hope and optimism, when casting a concerned eye over the world it's so easy to forget that there is so much more good in the than bad. So many people trying to make a difference to the lives of others .. on another positive note I now have my car back!!! I can't wait to get out on a @walkwithme and I will try and take some pictures on the moors :D .. I may also take the chalk and kill two birds with one stone ;) Thank you for being an inspiration @lyndsaybowes


Omg... a PerceptualFlaws #ChalkWithMe???!!!! Damn....I would LOVE to see that!!!


Lyndsey, you are indeed an angel, you are just full of goodness. I don't know what to say, I am so lost for words. I have found my sister, my twin on steemit. I love you Lyndsey, my human angel. Thank you for the steem. Eleaza and I are so so grateful. Thank you


Yes!! hahaha!! We are Sisters from another Mister!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Brother from another Mother! <3 <3 <3 I feel a real connection to you as well and I'm very grateful to have met you, another Human Angel, who always is looking out for the innocent...and protecting them, bringing light to their struggle... <3 <3 <3 I thank you too Edith.

Hiii my Friend @lyndsaybowes, your every post has some valuable message for others. you are realy inspiring personality here. your mission to spreading kindness everywhere and your efforts are praiseable. and now the #ophumanangels is going to trending tag. I think everyone should share something for others and should be positive approach for humanity. My personal random act of kindness is that I share Love to others.


I love these words, thank you Rabeel!

Hello @lyndsaybowes

You are a human incarnate of charity. I so much love your exploits...always having a humanitarian face! May God bless you richly.

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@eurogee of @euronation community & The Host, Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest

Thats inspirational indeed, these people are doing wonderful work and making some happy faces out there.
My dad runs a NGO.I used to hate that regerous work he does to keep going,hate part was because sometimes the work affects his health that worried me.Perhaps from now onwards I'll try to help him more.

Thank you every single one of you for changing the world, one random act of kindness at a time. All we need is love:)

it's good to get a good appreciation. because the posringan good and the value is also good. i will try like this. to get like you @lyndsaybowes and @lidiasteem. I like the way you two are.

I love the video, Lyndsay! It is my favourite part. There are so many awesome steemians spreading the love. You guys are inspiring! What goes around comes around and hopefully other folks, whether they are steemians or not will pick up the torch and follow...


Random acts of kindness far outdate our little operation, I do hope it becomes a tidal wave ....... <3 <3 Becomes the "norm" <3 <3 <3

I FRIKKIN LOOOVE THESE!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

This is the coolest thing I've found on here yet, and I've found a lot of cool things on here! I'm so totally in on this. Was already familiar with, and love, Little Free Library projects.


Awesome! I'm so happy to hear this @intspekt! Welcome Aboard! Join us in the tag anytime :) xo


Thanks for sharing this great collection. Its a good job.

Operation human angels touching lives all over the world. This is a great initiative and I must comment you for this @lyndsaybowes.

Keep On motivating us to show little acts of kindness and the one who sees in secret will surely send Angela your way.


Thank you for believing in the good <3 <3

Wow... its really wonderful. Helping others financially or by other means gives happiness to all. Its a good job. Thank you.


@lyndsaybowes, thanks for encouraging and always lending your voice to goodwill.

I am a big Fan

And with people like you, the world's gon be a better place


congratulations to all the winners, they deserve it. continue to spread goodness. @lyndsaybowes you have given the best to them all. thanks.

wooooww this is very beautiful when you share @apakapluk and thanks to @lyndsaybowas you have shared goodness @apakapluk,
we must do this for the prosperity of all of us in our lives
thanks @lyndsaybowas for shering

This is always such an uplifting post round up, one of my favorite things on steemit!


That's great to hear @longsilver, it was awesome to see you and the Mrs in the op last week, I loved your messages xoxo I'm so glad you enjoy this! <3 <3 <3

congratulations to those selected as "humansangels". This is the real life, the life must be useful for everyone.

Wow!! that's is soo wonderful Acts of Kindness. You are a really kind hearted woman, who respect others humans blockchain this community and also animals. I'll be very happy to see you you're very supportive and respectable. I respect you from the core of my heart. I appreciate your great work. GOD always blessed on you.


All the ones on Steemit doing the random acts of kindness are such beautiful human beings, it's my honour to make a post which shows all the actions they are taking! xoxo Thank you for supporting us!


Alright! that's great :)

Doing good selflessly can provide unmatched enjoyment with anything

hopefully you can continue to share @lyndsaybowes, you have made many changes to us and to others. I see a lot of good in you. success continues for you.

Human angels are now everywhere.
Good work.

I really like banana with the big monkey, hopefully he always be part of the fun of us also who continue to share. thanks @lyndsaybowes

Thanks, <3 <3 love you to....
Randon act kindness #ophumanangels


You deserve it, you do great work on the blockchain!

wow this week there were quite interesting posts in #ophumanangels of all that I could only read as 4 other publications, just for lack of time, but now that I'm free I'm going to take a nice walk through the publications that I have not seen thanks #lyndsay for put the publication that I could not read.


Thank you for stopping by to check out everyone's loving actions Joel. <3 <3 <3 We're honoured for your attention.

So much good stuff this week!!! ❤❤❤

Thank you for sharing this great collection. It lights up my evening. 👍

You're doing great..@lyndsaybowes.. Love and peace in the world can be spread in a simple way...
You deserve a lot of respect.


I'm glad you enjoyed everyone's acts of kindness! Thank you I know the Steemians responsible will read your words <3 <3 <3

The world desperately needs people like you who are always ready to voice the goodness and the message of peace. I see you are very happy to spread goodness and that is the reason I love and miss you @lyndsaybowes dear

Thanks you @lyndsaybowes I'm getting inspired, I love the way you make other people smile. Thanks you so so much 😘😘😘

Lyndsay ~ Beautiful! Wonderful! Great work! XOX

amazing work from your side, great and remarkable work for the poor

Looks like angels do really live among us. You are an inspiration for everybody! I follow you to be sure I will always read your fresh posts and get that satisfying dose of kindness.


Kindness is the most important quality ,You share Something very valuable in world to always support each other, to help the ones that needs help material or maybi a good words and to be there for someone who need support. You Guardian Angel sayd to Tell You that You are loved, wonderful words.

@lindsaybowes,..I want to say a word for you "you can save the life of this world with your blog this" you...;)

i support ophumanangles ... they are doing good... they are spreading good and good is indeed the need of the time ....if we cant do good then the least we can do is to appreciate those who are doing it...

I hope you Mention my name , @lyndsaybowes hehehe
i will try again ,to make my steemit cool, hope !!


It's good to meet you here @raill, if you do a random act of kindness and post about it with the tag I will be sure to see your post.

It's amazing you are in making the vidio, I've seen the vidio, the vidio is very inspired me in doing good and also for those who need, posting a very extraordinary, thanks a lot @lyndsaybowes


I'm so glad these actions have inspired you, thanks for telling me!

I like post you..
Salam kenal dari saya

the post is great @lyndsaybowes.
hopefully your success is always a friend steemit.

do not forget to vote in my post @ yassir1

Thank you so much for your kind information.. I am so much happy to see the post.. I like all the pictures.. keep it up.. Stay blessed and be happy.. Best of luck for the next :)

Thank you that you organize and unite people for such a good and necessary cause. You say thank you people for your help. Thanks to your article you found such kind people. Thank you for sharing your information with us. More will be such articles in Steemit - more people you can attract and combine!

Amazing dear

it's amazing recap and I will always with you in Operation Human Angel .
i hope more people doing like this and world gonna be beautiful than before :) @lyndsaybowes

that is excellent photography and great work. thanks for sharing
100% like and resteem

Amazing article theme is pretty good.thanks for sharing with us this week random act of kindness☺

I salute you @lyndsaybowes you are a nice woman you want to spend a bit of your time for others

Goot post.
Greetings from me
Lyndsay bowes

For the effective human body of medicines given in the picture?

Superr..@lyndsaybowes :)
very interesting moments ... a collection of good generators around the world ... i like it ... ;)
Congratulations for @lidiasteem .. you are the above .. :)
hopefully more will do good

This is so great! You got the great point here......

Daily Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.

i Really like ur way of working u r doing great job i appreciate ur work keep ur efforts like this u.

What a wonderful and amazing blog @lyndsaybowes. Your post is really motivating and inspirational about operation human angles.
I really appreciate your work and thoughts.
Thanks for sharing this post.

Woow it's amazing post 😇great work..

wow. Very nice. Awesome post mam. You do very much great works in this week. Thank you so much for sharing.

waahh, that's his voice @lyndsaybowes, huh? I'm so confused how to save this video, I want to hear it every time I'm still breathing, the banana is fresh fresh and looks very delicious, so want to try it, keep the food also tasty good, I so dare look at it, I always wait for the post @lyndsaybowes, good evening and greetings inspirational friend from me in Aceh (Indonesia) @lyndsaybowes, success for you

your post is very usedful......i like this post......thanks for sharing a blog..........@lyndsaybowes

If you are engaged in any great service, God will be pleased . I respect you from my heart....Each of your post has special massage.....thanks for sharing.... I am also inspired by you....God bless you.


God bless you too @prova <3

do not forget to help us new in steemit from aceh

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Thanks for sharing i will done upvote I always see your post. And follow you