S for starkerz, O for oracle-d, A for awesome freaking dream


screenshot from the southeast asia blockchain summit that we members on oracle-d wrote on

Yap, thats mr starkerz alright, @starkerz, one if the few people who I know that are blind to racial stereotypes here on steemit, the other being @donkeypong of cause.

So starkerz recently gave a small lecture at a crypto meeting that was held in nigeria recently, he gave it through a Skype call and from the reports I got, it was quite interesting.

The event was of cause organized by @agbona, a representative of the BEAM token here in nigeria. click here to learn more

For those of you who do not know, @starkerz is the ceo of @oracle-d, a platform that is building and making sure that investors come into steemit.

As part of the first wave of work that has been done, a lot of money already entered steem through nothing but the ingenuity of mr starkerz and @anarcotech.

Since then, oracle-d has been on a roll basically doing what others refused to do, show that steem can be a useful place, show that steem can be utilized due to its high ranking on alexa and similar sites, as well as its high ranking rate on google to help push and publicize anything and everything at the cost of first investing in steem.

They basically found a use case for a part of steemit that many didn't even consider before.

It is of my opinion that if we can get steem to become a top 500 site once more, the possibilities are endless!

Imagine a writer like Joseph young from ccn and forbes or a writer like zaynab from hotnewhiphop.com constantly writing here.

It improves the quality of the platform, people pay more attention to it, more serious companies are willing to post their product review or announcements here and more people are willing to pay authors here to make their brand come to life.

The best part is, oracle-d is right now training writers to become on that level of Joseph and zaynab!

Oracle-d operates in two ways

  1. Produce the best set writers this platform has seen.

  2. Provide quality review and writing services for investors who chose to utilize the oracle-d platform to boost their products.

Of cause these are just my interpretation of the goals of oracle-d. As a writer under them, I have gained a lot and improved my skills in writing, I have also contributed my quota to the cause and will continue to do so.

Oracle-d as a platform will continue to grow and contribute to the growth of steem, steemit and all its connecting dapps.

Apologies for any and all mistakes, I am right now in the middle of a walk.

Everything above this line is unedited except the first picture.

this post caused some problems because of which, this explanation has been made.

I didn't mean to put up your picture without proper credits @agbona, could have sworn this line:
The event was of cause organized by @agbona, a representative of the BEAM token here in nigeria. click here to learn more

was sufficient enough and the tone of my writing potrayed I wasnt there.

Not withstanding, the post is mainly about starkerz and oracle-d.


picture originally used, credit goes to whoever snapped the pic and agbona at the BEAM meetup in lagos

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  ·  작년

I find this post distasteful and highly offensive!

For starters, the indiscriminate use of my picture without my consent, at an event you were not a part of in any way whatsoever!

Folks like you will do anything for upvotes. Don't do it with my picture, taking credit for an event you know nothing about.

Take my picture down!


Wow, agbona chill, for votes? I would never do that.

Im a pro member of oracle-d in the first place.

If you dont know me, please know that I give proper props and respect whenever possible.

Heck i did research on BEAM, agricblok and all you've been doing before putting up this post and I've been a silent supporter of your work in nigeria since the very first pizza stuff you did, that I saw, that had Fisteganos in it and I was gonna make a follow up post about you!

Heck I dropped a link to one of your old post there as well, I never claimed the image was mine, maybe I should put that disclaimer as well, apologies for that.

I also never claimed to have attended the event as you see from my comment

he gave it through a Skype call and from the reports I got, it was quite interesting

Its just funny really, ill take your pic down, I had no less than 3 of my community members grace this event of yours, just cause we have never spoken directly doesn't mean I dont know you or your work.

  ·  작년

Duly noted.

I appreciate your response, and I hope we can put this little situation behind us.


  ·  작년

Hello, I am sure there are other ways to get a picture of whoever you want to share. For the record, you were not at this event and you didnt properly give credit to whoever took that picture.

It is not reasonable to act like you add value when you don't.

There are better images you can source. You don't have to act like you were at the event when you weren't.

You want to write something about @stackerz? Write it without creating a wrong impression.
I am John, a co-convener of the event


Hi john, Iknow you as well, sorry for the inconvenience.

I didn't attend, its cool, ill take it down, please read my reply to agbona, this is our first interaction ever, ask flora or basically anyone else who attended the event, im sure one or two will know me and tell you I would never engage in mere picture thievery because of votes

  ·  작년

Alright Destiny.

Apologies from my end too.

Now, I know you.

It's a project we are proud of and are glad you even included in your post. I needed to react to it that way.

Sometimes, good friends start off as enemies. 👐

Thanks for the response.

  ·  작년

Pls take it down!

  ·  작년

Thx for giving credit 😉