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Hello, all my friends. this point cryptocurrency market doesn’t cause you to feel smart right? I’m feeling constant however, I believe the market is smart not terribly additional very long time. I, my self still believe it and 100 percent trust resolution with the project that makes on the blockchain, as a result of its successive resolution for the long run this with the project or plan produce one thing on blockchain platform that also attracts me.


Now, I still keep trying to find comes to take a position and there are several on ICO list however with me, one in every of which will see additional potential and would really like to share with you and during this post, I need to inform you a number of special of the feature of the project that name is Orichalcos. have you ever ever hear regarding this name?

What is Orichalos?

Orichalcos is a blockchain platform with self-stabilizing property governance that can be used in areas that require asset management and incentive granting like games.

Orichalcos could be a blockchain platform with self-stabilizing property governance which will be utilized in areas that need plus management and incentive granting like games. Now a day, there are several projects has created on the blockchain and obtain success as a result of the work thus onerous for his or her project, they require to form their plan head to the important. With Orichalcos, the team conjointly operating onerous and currently would really like to share their project with all the folks that love the blockchain technology.

In here I’ll share with you a number of the special options of Orichalcos and can tell additional within the next post.

Orichalcos Foundation is established to form suburbanized vice platform with blockchain technology in 2018. The most development team is found in Seoul, South Korea. And in their project, the token name decision ORIC and therefore the stone can contribute to the sports vitalization by consumption in item commerce and numerous in-game contents. Additionally, within the external exchange, it is often created to an ORIC Token that is cryptocurrency. Game information is archived and given to every user, that permits to preserve their game history and is a bridge between past and present.

Orichalcos has 2 solutions for shopper and suppliers. Let’s have look:


Provide profit based on service utilization results
Produce and supply photos, music, and posts to make money.
Provides additional profits by trading contents in asset auctions
Expand your network and receive incentives through the platform


Provide your project instantly with the Orichalcos solution.
Provide precise user intelligence
Provide an integrated environment with community, social and user targeting technology
And an additional technical support is available.
And this is Orichalcos’s service. You can see the picture below



With quick look a number of the items regarding Orichalcos we are able to see the manner team doing currently shortly build the project to reality. And once you consider the team, all of the profession of the sector of technology and have twenty years of expertise. Thereupon expertise and dedication to the project I feel they’re going to get victorious.
Finally, if you prefer the project plan and just like the manner they going currently you’ll check additional at the link below:

Website: http://orichalcos.io/
and see their whitepaper here: http://orichalcos.io/wp-content/themes/oric/pdf/20180907-Orichalcos-Technical-Paper_v1.0.6_en.pdf

And that tired this post I’d to share with you, I’ll be back with next post for additional detail of Orichalcos.
Thanks for your pay time to consider my article.

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