Origami Crease Pattern

3년 전


This is my first designed crease pattern for an original design I posted here, I decided to map out a simplifyied wersion on a 16x16 grid instead of 64x64 because it would look way to messy and folding the smaller version gives the general idea of how the more complex models work. To expand the pattern you simply work outward repeating the same steps.

The process of mapping out the crease patter involved a lot of folding and unfolding, mapping out parts where folds are present and then determining which side the folds go (mountain or valley fold). I used the standard red blue color scheme and classic dots and lines. everything was drawn in paint.net. I made the grid by drawing a 4x4 grid, copy pasting it to get a 8x8 grid and then 16x16, you can see some lines where I messed up but it serves it's purpose. I lowered the brightness since it has to be gray-ish to make the other lines more visible. There were a lot of mistakes while making the patter and notice them right after I save the file, gets a bit annoying sometimes.


Here's the actual fun part, folding the model. This is the finished crease pattern, looks a bit messy but much better than expected for my first try.


This is actually a very simple tesselation to fold in comparison to most, you can fold piece at a time and nothing else unfolds. You start out by working on one of the inner corners and continue with the other 3.




For the next layer you fold over the extra layers in the middle like here:


Repeat on the other 3 sides and you're done :D


On an unrelated note, I powered up a lot while I was away so that I at least auto upvote users whose content I enjoy while inactive. Next goal 200 undelegated sp.

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Wow... I liked so much... nice done.


Hehe... Thank you men... This is art.

It makes a very lovely 3D decorative artwork ! And seems like anyone can do this, if they apply themselves a little :) Wonderful post <3


It might be challenging for beginners but it's a good start for anyone getting into tessellations, if you fold all the lines the thing practically collapses on it's own. Thank you :D

Wow! That looks so complicated! I was always good at geometrical shapes but I would go way to far until my head would be spinning around :D and I think this is what I consider way to far! It's genius! How long did it take you to create?

Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful and creative new week!


Thank you :D it was just an idea one day I decided to try out, the folding part isnt even that long, probably 20min for smal and 2-4 hours big :)

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