Preparing for Christmas

3년 전

I've made a nice long post on this model a while ago, including a tutorial, so if you're interested you can check it out here.
So i'm preparing decorations for my pretty plastic tree, this is my third year doing it I think, I reuse most of the models but since I made an 800 piece ball from most of the old ones I'll have to make some new ones.


I've been folding these all day yesterday and put them together about and hour ago, even finished another little spider which I was planning to enter for the origami olympiad, wish I posted this one.


All assembled, this is less than I though.


and finally all folded

I'll probably just make a big post when I finish everything unless I come up with some other decorations, I should deffinitely get some nicer colors, this was just some stack of post it note papers I didn't use because of their color, but yellow might look good on green.

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That one spider one is amazing!!!!!!!!


i might be biased....

Also the others are very nice and starry and xmassy <3 Beautiful~


Thank you, cant wait to being the tree down from the attic :D

If you've got a vibrant kind of tree then the pale colours will look really nice against it :) Do you put string on them or just stick them in the branches?


I add string, it's a pretty dark tree :)

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