Sky Scraper Kusudama

3년 전

This is one of the tasks for round 2 of the origami olympiad so don't expect it to be easy. It's a model by Usman Rosyidhi. The unit's aren't that complicated, a little confusing at first but it took me only 3-4 to fully memorize the steps.


(I played with the bg colors a bit)
The hardest 2 points of this model are the constant unfolding of the units which could be solved with glue and sort of wish I did. The other point is the difficulty of putting together the last 2 pieces which is because the way to shape the final flaps you have to sort of pinch the units from the inside, kinda hard without any gaps.

If you still decide to tackle this model here's instructions I made, trying to explain it clearly enough. It's best to download the images and zoom in on the steps, so I kept the size somewhat larger


  1. mark the half point and quarter point
  2. mark the diagonal only near the corner, turn around and rotate 90 degrees
  3. connecting the two points(corner and quarter point), mark only at the diagonal part
  4. fold towards the marked point in the previous step
  5. mark the half point at the bottom(a lot of marking)
  6. unfold so the top part goes to the bottom(no flipping)


  1. fold towards the marked edge in the last step, full fold this time
  2. unfold again
  3. fold the corners towards the lines in the middle
  4. turn over
  5. (turn 90 degrees)fold towards the lines again
  6. I marked the corner points, fold one towards the other


  1. this is what it will look like
  2. fold and unfold where the line is, connecting two corners
  3. fold the edge towards the line in the previous step, repeat the last two steps on the other side
  4. unfold
  5. I wrote down where the flaps and the pockets are, so you insert the flap in the pocket and fold over, the flap is a little longer so you have to pinch the bottom part while linking, 3 link together and you form a dodecahedron, 5 corners from all sides. edit. can't believe I forgot to add the thing is made of 30 units

Writing down all the steps made me realize this is a bit harder than it seemed, good luck if you decide to challenge yourself. The rest of the models in the task book are way harder, I'm almost done with 2/3 of the tessellations, have all the creases just need to collapse.

Since I haven't had a plant update in forever here's a nice picture, I planted a bean just for fun and it grew really well. I put up a rope for it to climb but it doesn't seem to be a very tall variety. I tried hand polinating them but seems only the top one is growing well. There's a bunch of dill spreading around, I weeded out all the smaller saplings and only 4 remained. The zinnia in the background is just chiling growing around 1 meter tall, can't wait for the flower to open. There's very little sun lately so I'm a bit worried but doesn't seem to affect it too much, mellissa is same old chilling in another room.


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Nice to meet you. It is yasu24. I am japanese @ocd curator. I nominated you to daily compilation 271. Congratulations!

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Thank you very much :D

The additional folds does look complicated @ivan-g and if you say it is confusing, it definitely is going to be confusing for me :D But it is a pretty Kusudama. You have a happy climber plant :) And your dill looks pretty happy too. Mine died :(


Dill likes well drained soil, don't over-water, you should cut the plant a bit every once in a while so it doesn't go into seed mode and die, the climber plant is a bean. I wouldn't suggest this origami for anyone who hasn't folded other dodecahedron modular origami before, mostly because there are way more enjoyable ones out there, like the bascetta star or sonobe.


Yah I they were over watered :( It was growing pretty ok-ly until it started raining for a couple of days and the soil got drenched. Oo bean, which bean?


Thats why I prefer cultivating at home, controlled rain ;)
The bean is a local variety, not well informed about it.

These origami pieces you make are so fascinating, and this one looks great against the colorful background! Bravo! 😊


Thank you :D

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