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Meet Capt Blair Azula, Head PSYOPS Division, ISOC.


"Azula, Capt/ISOC"

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Capt Azula is a BLU from the planet BLU.

About the BLU:

The planet and people from the Type I Celestial Body in quadrant #369, Orion Star System, are known as "BLU".

Secretly terra-formed in the late 21st century by the Shin Corporation, BLU was unknown to the rest of the galaxy for over one and a half millennia.

Here's why.

Fifty years after creating BLU, the Shin Corporation went bankrupt resulting from an attack by its rival, Matsura Industries, but not before destroying all Shin records with a massive internal EMP of all Shin servers.

Consequently, the BLU were largely forgotten, mentioned only by old Shin employees related to the first colonizers.

Meanwhile, it took less than 500 Earth years for the ubiquitous "azules crystal" (an unexpected byproduct of Shin's nuclear terra-forming process) to cause the bluish skin of all BLU.

And centuries of ingesting and breathing the azules crystal while also reproducing in planetary isolation has resulted in several other mutations.

For example, BLU have eyes capable of seeing the whole spectrum of light, including light that's invisible to the human eye.

The same goes for BLU hearing.

They can hear frequencies and decibels that are normally inaudible to humans and undetectable by even the most advanced high-tech equipment.

It wasn't until some space pirate/smugglers crashed landed on BLU in 3122 that anyone knew BLU existed.

Sadly, an invading army from "All Corp" soon landed, claimed the planet as theirs and enslaved the docile, peace loving inhabitants.

But after 300 years of savage exploitation, one BLU, known simply as "THE BLU", started a small grassroots movement aimed primarily to gain better living conditions for the enslaved population.

The group quickly swelled to include over 80% of all BLU and switched from negotiation mode to all out rebellion and the end of All Corp slavery.

Nowadays, BLU are regarded as the most honorable, stealthy and lethal ISOC Operators, PGCs (Private Galaxy Contractors, a sanitized name for what old Earth people used to call "Mercenaries").


May you and yours be well and loving life today.

In Lak'ech, JaiChai

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(JaiChai 15 Aug 2022. Simultaneous multi-site submissions posted. All rights reserved.)

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